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The Best Playgrounds Near Beaches

As the weather warms up a combination of playground and beach is an ideal combination. BYO bucket, spade, sunscreen, hat, water and a passion for sand. Some of the best playgrounds which are located next to a beach (or positioned in a sea of sand) are:

Plum Garland Memorial Playground, Beaconsfield Parade, Albert Park

The playground is located next to South Melbourne / Middle Park Beach and seems to have everything for younger kids except Captain Feathersword, Dorothy and Henry the Octopus. It has shade sails over the western part and the surface is a giant sandpit. There is a multi-level structure in a sandpit for hauling up sand in a scoop, swings without safety chain, digger in a sandpit, water play area where you can pump water into a big tank, rope climbing frame and tiny toddler swing.

Outside the shaded area is a curved slide coming down from a boat structure, small dual slides, various sandpits, tunnel, small grassy picnic area, big sit-on carousel for lots of kids, birds nest swing, one picnic table and some relaxing curved seats looking out to the bay. It is landscaped throughout to give a sandy, beachy natural feel.

There is a water tap and the playground is fully fenced. There are toilets at the life saving club 100m away and a kiosk. Volleyball nets are on the beach next to the playground area. Paid Parking from 8 am - 6 pm.

Carrum Foreshore, Old Post Office Lane, Carrum

A beautifully crafted beachside playground located next to the Carrum Surf Life Saving Club and Carrum Beach. The play area, which is a huge sandpit, has a seaside theme with a wharf protruding out from the decking. There is a lighthouse with a rigid frame ladder and rope ladder providing access to the top of the lighthouse where you can use the telescope to look across the bay. The Wave Rider speedboat on rockers has seats for two drivers and two potentially sea-sick passengers (depending on how heavy the sea is) as it speeds across the sandy expanse.

A smallish structure has a curved slide and plenty of scope to have fun scooping up sand with the buckets on a rope and then depositing them in a variety of sand dispensing machines. Two diggers also offer opportunities for future construction workers to practice (let's hope the minerals boom is still continuing when they grow up so they can move to WA and earn a fortune). There is also a big horizontal arrangement of disks connected by ropes (begging for a game of "Who is King of the Castle"), a birds nest swing, spinning cup with hand wheel, standard swing without safety chain, swing with harness and a beautiful simple labyrinth decorated with sea creatures where you can seek out the treasure trove.

The sandy playground area is surrounded by paths and decking, relaxing blue and white high backed deck chairs, bench seating, water taps, toilets and two open sided shelters with a BBQ and table each. The playground has a lovely white picket fence along the street but there is open access to the beach via the Surf Life Saving Club area. I could imagine that parking would be difficult when it is busy.

Maritime Cove Community Park Playground, The Boulevard, Port Melbourne

A brilliant place space which uses re-purposed equipment such as a Crows Nest, channel markers, marine bollards, coloured buoys, rail lines, ladder bridge and steel buoys to form a fun and exciting Maritime themed play environment.

The play space includes a lookout tower with a spiral slide, bridges, high rope traverses and nets, sand play area, water play area with a hand pump connected to a series of channels and tables, an old fashioned metal kaleidoscope, car tyre on springs, sea lion sculpture, turtle sculpture, wooden pyramid with tiny metal slide, wooden boat, really interesting mechanical sand digger, music making instruments, ingenious hidden water sprays, climbing area from a jumble of logs and a boardwalk along Sandridge Beach has a fun and innovative exercise area for both the body and mind.

There are two shelters from old shipping containers with some seats, water tap, beach shower and unshaded seats. There is a lot of free parking in the area. The nearby Sandridge beach area has toilets, tables and BBQs. Caps Café is close by.

Rosebud Foreshore Playground, Jetty Road, Rosebud

The playground rises above Rosebud beach and pier and has a mound with a snaking metal slide, straight metal slide, rope nets and lines and a flying fox.

Scattered at the base of the mound is a birds nest swing, four standard swings, a big carousel to sit on and spin around, tunnel, short narrow metal slide on a small mound and lots of rocks and stepping stones made from logs and concrete.

There is a big shelter with table and BBQ plus a small shelter with BBQ and table. There are water taps and toilets.

Within fairly close proximity to the playground there is a limited amount of two hour free parking plus extra parking is available within a few minutes walk along the medium strip of Point Nepean Road.

Peter Scullin Reserve, Centre Way, Mordialloc

"Ahoy, me hearty!", "Shiver me timbers!" and all those other pirate sayings. A real pirate ship with sails billowing in the wind (shade sails actually). The huge ship has plenty to keep any landlubber kid occupied for ages including two large and one small tunnel slides, two wave slides, spiral slide, tunnels, lots of inclined climbing mats, fireman's pole, tic-tac-toe and abacus. There is a circular flying fox which is a bit scary but lots of fun.

Another structure which is more like a tug with slide, climbing mat, fireman's pole, curved ladder and shop front. Two swings including one with a harness, two person pommel bounce and see-saw. The whole playground has a soft spongy base.

There are unshaded seats and tables, BBQ and water tap. Be warned that there is ticketed parking. Located near the Mordialloc beach and foreshore and close to the Windows on the Bay restaurant and the Mordialloc Pier.

Sorrento Historic Park, Point Nepean Road, Sorrento

Very large wooden Adventure playground which is fenced in except for some entry points. There is a separate minnows area for younger kids. Plenty of ramps, steps, towers, traverses, flying fox, monkey bars, monkey rungs, musical instruments, very big wave slide, spiral slide, metal chute slide, fireman's pole, tunnels and sandpits.

The playground is in a beautifully maintained park with shaded and unshaded tables, BBQ, shelters, water tap and toilets. Lovely views across the Bay and huge grassy areas with paths which lead down to Sorrento Pier and the Sorrento Park Beach. A real joy for kids and parents.

Frankston Regional Foreshore Playground, Frankston

Large playground based on the theme of sand-castles emerging from, and collapsing into the beach - although the round structures with pointed roofs reminded me of a Dogon village in Mali.

The playground includes separate toddler, junior and senior level play equipment. Includes a large tunnel slide, two other wave slides, lots of ramps and walkways, chain ladders, few large chain bridges, large sandpit, flying foxes, monkey bars, large wooden bow of boat, horizontal bars and lots of swings. Many areas are under sail cloth. Liberty swing.

There are BBQs and tables but a lot of the seating is not in the shade. It is so spread out that we had trouble keeping an eye on the children. 2 adults and 2 kids = just manageable but 1 adult and 2 kids = trouble. Parking was a bit of a nightmare on the weekend. The playground is near the Frankston Foreshore and Frankston Pier.

Victory Park, Camp Street, Chelsea

A large interesting playground located within ten metres of the Chelsea beach. A lighthouse with telescope and binoculars on the top level stands tall over the playground area. Use the steps which wind upwards inside the lighthouse to reach the top or alternatively cross a rigid balance walkway from a structure which has a high wave slide, fireman's pole, climbing mat, "tree ladder" and normal ladder.

There is also a lower structure with a boat shape which has ramp access from a path, walkway, ladders, small slides, tic-tac-toe, steering wheel, tunnel, fireman's pole and spiral ladder.

There is a huge sandpit with a wooden castle. The castle structure has a slide, chain ladder, steps, walkway, ladders and various levels and cubby areas. The sandpit also contains two mechanical diggers and two swings with safety chains. There are two other swings in the playground including one with a harness.

The area has a number of shelters with tables, unshaded and shaded tables and seats, BBQs, water tap and toilets. It is well planned to enable access for all-abilities. Paid parking near the playground area but some free parking areas close by. The area is reasonably well protected by a fence but it is close to the water, so you will need to be vigilant if your kids tend to wander off and are attracted to the water.

Rye's Up! Community Playground, Point Nepean Rd, Rye

Located east of the Rye Pier and beach, a fantastic community playground was built by the community in the space of five days in October 2012. The wooden structure is in the shape of a huge ship. The towering bow has levels leading up to a deck and a wave slide. The stern area has a tunnel and spiral slide while the mid-section has a range of equipment such as monkey bars, balance beam, monkey rungs and balance beam. The playground is fenced with an entrance area with a sea-horse motif. The whole playground has a nautical theme befitting the area and there are crabs, dolphins, fish, seaweed, starfish, divers and other sea creatures adorning the walls. An area has a range of swings including a birds nest swing.

Apart from the main ship structure there is a smaller structure with a lighthouse which has a wide slide, walkway and tunnel.

There is a shelter with BBQs, shelter with seats, unshaded tables and grassy area, water tap and toilets. There is also the evil of paid parking.

Fort Gellibrand Playground, Battery Road, Williamstown

There is no sand but a good location for exploring the nearby Point Gellibrand rockpools. A quite extensive wooden structure which includes high twin slides, high scrambling wall, tunnel, shop front, rope bridge, balance beam, monkey bars, climbing wall, walkway, fireman's pole, tic-tac-toe, steering wheel, clock, abacus, steps, disks on a vertical pole, curved slide and hanging disks. Also springer, telescope to look over the sea, swings and three dolphins to ride on. The whole area is set on a nice spongy base.

There are unshaded seats, water tap, BBQs and many unshaded tables.

Eastern Beach Reserve, Eastern Beach, Geelong

Large playground next to the Swimming Enclosure at Eastern Beach which is partially under shade sails. The structure has a spiral and two wave slides, steps, tic-tac-toe, climbing wall, various panels, steps, hanging chains to traverse, balance beam, block steps, shop front and climbing mat. There is also the Geelong Flier, a large red train, dolphin swimming through the wood chips and tortoise crawling across the wood chips.

Another area with a circle which is set at an angle and turns around, fish springer and two stand-on spinners. Also an area with six swings (two with harness) and a family sized see-saw.

Lots of shaded tables, unshaded seats, toilets and grassy area. There is even a hill which kids slide down on pieces

Logan Reserve, Pier Street, Altona

Located next to Altona beach and pier is a wooden structure with dual wave slides, fireman's pole, climbing wall, vertical rope climbing frame, clock, tic-tac-toe, hanging disks, monkey rungs, steps, spiral ladder, maze panel, speak and listen system and curved slide. Also fish and boat springers and four swings.

There is a shelter with seats, plenty of shaded and unshaded tables and seats scattered about, grassy area with BBQs, toilets and water tap.

Sadler Reserve, Esplanade, Williamstown

Located across the road from Williamstown Beach. A good range of equipment including a wooden structure has dual large slides, monkey rungs, vertical spiders web, hanging disks, disks on a vertical pole, balance beam, ladder, tic-tac-toe, shop front, scrambling wall, telescope and clock. Also see-saw, swings, horizontal bars and two springers plus a smaller, lower structure with sloping scrambling wall, abacus, curved ladder, steps, shop front and two slides. Table with possible shade. Paid parking. Grrr.

Torquay Play Space, Cnr Esplanade and Zeally Bay Road, Torquay

A huge Play Space which has a sand base and lots of elevated walkways with ramps, ladders, slides, fireman's pole, climbing wall, rope ladder and spiral ladder. In the middle are a series of wooden piers and swings. On one side is an area with mechanical diggers and a springer. There is a large wooden structure which represents part of a ship with climbing wall side, fireman's pole, rope climbing net and a big wave slide. Next to this is a lower wooden structure with slide, inclined walkway, climbing net and steps.

There is a Liberty swing, BBQs, shelters, shaded and unshaded tables and seats and toilets. There are plenty of trees to climb. The playground covers a large area and since all areas are not fenced, some vigilance is required. Limited grassy area. It is a short walk down to the Torquay beach.

Whites Beach, The Esplanade, Torquay

Open and spacious playground with a sand base with a big flying fox with disk seat, huge rope climbing structure in a sandpit, birds nest swing, big wooden turtle with eggs in a sandpit and a labyrinth. This is a beautifully created playground and all the equipment relates to indigenous themes. For example, the rope climbing frame represents the fishing net from the Wadawurring, the birds nest swing is the nest of Bunjil the wedge Tailed Eagle and the flying fox is Waa the Crow. There are many information posts about topics such canoes, turtle, echidna, yam daisy, digging stick, sun, emu, paperbark, spear, earth, story telling, crayfish and snake - an indigenous history lesson in a play environment. There are also unshaded tables and seats and a water tap plus beautiful mosaics.

The following playgrounds are set in a sea of sand (think Sahara desert size) but not actually located next to a beach

Coogoorah Park, River Reserve Rd, Anglesea

Can you find the treasure chest in the sand beside the shipwreck Inverlochy? The wreck is composed of the bow with a wave slide, fireman's pole, ladder, climbing walls which slope outwards for a overhanging climbing experience, chain ladder and cubby area underneath. The stern part has a wave slide, rope ladder, balance beam and steps. There is also crows nest in the middle. The whole area is set in a sea of sand and also includes swings, springer and mechanical digger. Beware of the sharks which patrol the sandy area.

There are shelters with table and BBQ, unshaded tables, BBQ, unshaded seats and toilets. There is a more modern plastic structure about 50m away with a curved slide, straight slide, inclined walkway, binoculars and abacus. The playground is located next to a wetlands area and trails and bridges lead to this area.

Sheepwash Road, Barwon Heads

A very unusual playground design with a number of large separate wooden structures. There is a huge wooden bow of a boat set in a sea of sand - the only thing missing is Leonardo DiCaprio. Another two level wooden structure has ramps, levels, steps, lookout and spiral slide. A third wooden structure has seats, roof and wave slide. A separate structure has a wave slide, rope ladder, steering wheel, boat panel, steps, ladder with horizontal semi-circle steps, disks on a vertical pole, walkway, hanging disks and shop front.

There is a good sized wooden maze, good grassy area, shelters with BBQs and tables, shaded and unshaded tables, unshaded seats and toilets.

Dendy St Park, Dendy Street, Brighton East
Are we at Brighton Beach yet? Not quite but a good imitation. Huge sandpit with shade covers. Multi-compartment cubby, springers, climbing areas, big boat, structure with scoops for picking up sand and swings. Entirely fenced in with child proof gate. Tables with shade, BBQ and water tap. The playground is best suited to younger kids. BYO bucket and spade.

The playground is located in Dendy Park which has drinking fountains, dog off leash area, goal posts, practice nets, tennis/handball practice wall and toilets.

Some other playgrounds near beaches along the way down to the Mornington Peninsula are:

Catani Gardens Playground, Pier Road, St Kilda West (a pirate ship and a climbing structure near West St Kilda beach).

Point Ormond Avenue Playground, Elwood (two structures under shade sails near Elwood beach).

Beach Road Foreshore Playground, Beach Road, Sandringham (has a play structure, pyramid rope climbing frame and various features like a little cannon and treasure chests near Sandringham beach).

Black Rock Playground, Beach Road, Black Rock (has a large sailing ship and picnic facilities located above Black Rock beach).

Mornington Park Playground, Schnapper Point Drive, Mornington (based around a big wooden pirate ship which is quite close to Mothers beach).

Safety Beach Foreshore Reserve Playground, Marine Drive, Safety Beach (wooden boat shaped structure with multiple levels near Safety Beach beach with a shelter with tables, unshaded tables and BBQ).

George A Bishop Reserve Playground, Point Nepean Road, Dromana (play structure with two slides near Dromana beach. There are unshaded tables, seats and toilets).

McCrae Foreshore Reserve Playground, Point Nepean Road, McCrae (Playground with lighthouse structure near Rosebud beach in the area patrolled by the Rosebud & McCrae Life Saving Club).

W.E. Newton Reserve Playground, Point Nepean Road, Portsea (long wooden play structure near Weeroona Bay beach.. There are shaded tables, BBQs, water tap and toilets).

Some other playgrounds near beaches in the western suburbs are:

Hatt Reserve Playground, Esplanade, Williamstown (wooden structure with tables and BBQs near Williamstown beach).

WG Cresser Reserve Playground, Beach Street, Seaholme (climbing frame and picnic facilities near a small beach area).

Apex Park Playground, Queen Street, Altona (two low play structures near a beach area with picnic facilities).

Regatta Beach Playground, North Shore Drive, Point Cook (sandy area beside Sanctuary Lakes which is a non swimming lake)

Point Cook Coastal Park (two playgrounds in a large area with abundant birdlife, historic bluestone homestead, viewing tower which overlooks the Cheetham Wetlands, intertidal sand banks and a Marine Reserve).

Price Reserve Playground, O'Connors Road, Werribee South (tower play structure, in-ground trampolines, basketball court and basic skate park which is a short walk from Werribee South beach.

J.D. Bellin Reserve Playground, Beach Road, Werribee South (play structures including a fishing boat on springs and picnic facilities next to Werribee South beach).

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