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Casey Street and Public Art

The City of Casey has a significant Public Art program which uses art to create meaningful places that celebrate the city’s community, heritage, innovation and environment. The art work includes:

'Journey' by Carla Gottgens (2015)
The suitcases represent the population of Cranbourne West. The cases are grouped together in ever larger groupings to show how the culture of the area has expanded to embrace the many people who have come to call Cranbourne West home. In each grouping there is a suitcase representing the traditional owners of this area, the Bunurong people.

On each suitcase is a baggage tag or sticker symbolizing the Cranbourne West's many cultures. The symbols range from items present in folklore to identifiable cultural symbols. For the Bunurong, Waarn, the black crow, was the keeper of the waterways, he is represented here with black feathers on each of the Bunurong cases.

In our lifetimes we all travel, whether it is geographically, emotionally or spiritually. These suitcases represent the journeys of those from nearby and around the world.

Location: Cranbourne West Family and Community Centre, Bradman Avenue, Cranbourne West

'Rowan Park Mural' by Bonsai, Twoone & Ghost Patrol (2014)
The Rowan park mural features a selection of spray painted animals and characters set in a bright coloured, gradient background that highlights and compliments the local parklands and landscapes.

Location: Rowan Park Reserve, 148 Kidds Road, Doveton

Marriott Waters Bird Sculptures
Casey Public Art

The man-made wetlands area which is part of the Villawood Marriott Waters estate has an extensive range of large sculptures of birds including pelicans, storks and sea-eagles.

Location: Marriott Boulevard, Lyndhurst

'eXert' by Jonathan Leahey (2016)
Muscle is the driving factor in this kinetic sculpture it is based on human movement. eXert is inspired by muscle and tendon systems that enable our existence. It is an interactive exploration into physical movement at 10m high this installation creates a local sports identity – eXert is unique, kinetic, self sustainable. Observable from a distance, engaging robust and accessible to the casual observer but inviting deeper consideration on a more complex conceptual level over time.

Location: Carlisle Park, Majestic Boulevard, Cranbourne

'Touch' by Paul D Johnson (2013)
Casey Public Art

This sculpture alludes to the energy and movement in the nearby sport fields. The two arcs describe enormous energy meeting at a point of compressed power. The shapes also echo the oval grounds nearby while framing the landscape. The plasma-cut drawings are replicas of sport themed drawings provided by children from the City of Casey.

Location: Marriott Waters Recreation Reserve, Boland Drive, Lyndhurst

'Spirit of Community' by Col Henry (2015)
Casey Public Art

The brief called for an iconic work that would resonate with the Community around Selandra Rise Community Centre. Commissioned by Casey Council, the work uses as its main symbolic reference, the concept of growth in this new and developing area. The Centre has a large attendance from young children, and the four horizontal elements are designed to engage the children, while they explore the meanings and symbolic referenced embedded in the work. The right hand image shows the work just after installation and before the lawn was installed.

The four 'PLAY' elements are named, Uluru, The Peanut, The Slippery Slide and The Cove.

These low lying works average approximately 1.5 meters long and are filled with concrete to allow a robust interaction with the users of the facility. The 'Mirror Polished' organically formed 'stripes' embedded on the 'Satin Polished' surfaces, represent the 'Journeys that people take during their lives', and reinforces the concept of 'Coming together as a Community', building in strength and potential.

The Main vertical feature is over 5 meters tall, and has LED lighting, and symbols sourced from the Pre School and Playgroup participants. These delightfully naive symbols are of their family members, and add a 'local' site specific connection. The works are fabricated from several types of high quality stainless steel, including a stainless steel that has a unique and robust patina often mistaken for wood or rusted steel, developed by the Artist over many years.

Location: Selandra Rise Family & Children’s Centre, 45 Haflinger Avenue, Clyde North

'Paying Homage' by Yvonne George (2008)
Paying Homage depicts the land in times of drought; the cracked earth, the bare tree with leaves fallen. This is what nature does to preserve life for the tree in times of a drought. The inspiration for this piece came from looking into a small pool of water in a dam and seeing the reflection of the trees with the parched earth around its edges.

Location: Sierra Estate, Mannavue Boulevard, Cranbourne

'Iron Landscape' by Anderson Hunt (2008)
This installation commemorates the landing of the Cranbourne Meteorites; a remarkable phenomena that occurred in Casey which is significant both to Bunurong culture and scientific history. Three iconic steel trees reflect remnant eucalypts, standing as silent reminders of the past. On the edge of the terrace an ancient wetland is transformed by the impact of meteorites, represented by eight cast iron forms.

Location: Casey RACE, 65 Berwick-Cranbourne Road, Cranbourne East

'Hampton Park Youth Mural' by Adrian Doyle, Darcy Cavage, SEB Fransz & young people from the Hampton Park Youth Centre (2015)
Casey Public Art

This art work is the culmination of a number of workshops at the Hampton Park Youth Centre. Young people worked with professional artists from Blender Studios to realize their ideas onto the wall of the Youth Centre.

Location: Hampton Park Youth Centre, 22 – 26 Stuart Avenue, Hampton Park

'Hampton Park Through The Ages Mural
Casey Public Art

This community mural depicts the history of Hampton Park and celebrates the cultural diversity that now exists. River Red Gums remain an integral part of the Hampton Park environment, regardless of the changing human landscape. This mural was created by artist Rob Matheson together with support from artists Adam Magennis, Jenny Saulwick, Beryl Wilson and Margaret Worn, as part of the Hampton Park Community Renewal program supported by the Victorian Government. More than 300 Hampton Park residents helped to create artwork. The mural was officially unveiled on 2 April 2011.

Location: Arthur Wren Hall, 22 – 26 Stuart Avenue, Hampton Park

'Hampton Park East Kindergarten Murals'
Casey Public Art

There are two murals on the exterior wall of the Hampton Park East Kindergarten. One is panted by the children while the other is constructed from colored circles of different shapes.

Location: Hampton Park East Kindergarten, 16-20 Stuart Avenue, Hampton Park

'The Welcoming Wings ' by James Cattell (2014)
Casey Public Art

Inspired by childhood games, these sculptures are designed to be interactive, tactile and playful. They combine to form a cheerful welcoming committee that will greet and farewell the centre’s users each day. Hopefully the characters will behave themselves, so that they are allowed to become friends and honorary members of the Arbourlea family community.

Location: Arbourlea Family & Children’s Centre, Corner of Wheelers Park Drive & Arbourlea Boulevard, Cranbourne North

'Urban Rhythm' by Anderson Hunt (2006)
Casey Public Art

Urban Rhythm was commissioned to complement and celebrate the building of The Factory - Rehearsal centre for the Arts. Created by Anderson Hunt at Down Street Studios, Urban Rhythm reflects the changing landscape of Cranbourne and the movement of energy generated by the performers in the Centre, and is located in the foyer of the building.

Location: Foyer of The Factory Rehearsal Centre for the Arts , 65 Berwick-Cranbourne Road, Cranbourne East

'Field Landings' by Ian Bracegirdle and Mothers Art (2011)
Casey Public Art

This playful installation brings athletics activities out of the stadium. Oversized javelins protrude from the ground as if they were thrown by a giant athlete. The large steel shot-put pushes aside the earth as it lands creating mounds and ripples.

Location: Casey Fields Regional Athletics Centre, Berwick Cranbourne Road, East Cranbourne

'Team Work' by Mothers Art (2006)
Casey Public Art

Team Work is a dynamic sculptural piece designed by Mothers Art Productions for the Casey Fields Complex. Composed of five vertical poles with cross elements, the artwork reflects the spirit of sporting teams as human forms proudly arch their chests and extend their arms around each others’ shoulders as they form a tight group.

Location: Casey Fields, Berwick Cranbourne Road, East Cranbourne

'Eve' by Simon Perry (2008)
This six metre sculpture was created for the Eve housing estate. Playing on the concept of Eve as a living garden, this quirky sculpture depicts a tree-like structure composed of garden implements.

Location: Glassocks Road and William Thwaites Boulevard, Cranbourne North

'Thrones of Youth' by Anuradha Patel (2008)
Casey Public Art

These vibrant seats celebrate the young people of Casey. Over a three year period, 32 young people worked with the artist in all processes of the artwork from the initial research and design to final completion and installation of three seats. The seats were unveiled during National Youth Week in 2008.

Location: The Factory Rehearsal Centre for the Arts, 65 Berwick-Cranbourne Rd, Cranbourne East AND near cinema entrance to Fountain Gate Shopping Centre, Magid Drive, Narre Warren

'The Whale Tale' by Cameron Robins & Anderson Hunt (2000)
Artist, Anderson Hunt from Down Street Studios, worked collaboratively with students from Eumemmerring Secondary College to develop this sculpture for the Endeavour Hills Library. Themes of Captain Cook’s boat “The Endeavour”, acknowledgment of the original owners of the land and reconciliation formed the basis for the overall design and the embedded images which were created by the students.

Location: Endeavour Hills Leisure Centre, 10 Raymond McMahon Boulevard, Endeavour Hills

'Autumn Leaf Shelter' by Grant Finck (2003)
Funded by VicHealth, the City of Casey commissioned artists Grant Finck and Irene Wellm to work with the Doveton community to develop a public artwork.
The Doveton community expressed a desire for the artwork to reflect the community's love of trees and their gardens; and to be of practical use; a meeting place for Autumn Place.

Location: Autumn Place, Doveton

'Commonwealth Games Leatherback Turtle' by Mothers Art (2008)
As part of the spectacular opening on the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, 72 fish sculptures were set on the Yarra River. Each fish represented a competing nation. Three of these fish were gifted to the City of Casey by the City of Melbourne and the Victorian Government and have now been restored for permanent display.

Location: Outside Casey ARC, Magid Drive, Narre Warren

'Rebound' by Grant Finck (2010)
The concept for this artwork was developed with members of the Narre Warren South Tennis Club. Enjoyed by the visitors to the centre as part of tennis week activities.
Composed of steel and resin, the work captures the moment in time when a tennis ball hits a racquet and rebounds.

Location: Narre Warren South Tennis Club, School Court, Narre Warren South

'Reeds' by Andrew Scollo and RMIT students (2001)
This artwork, composed of what appears to be randomly places vertical poles, has been carefully calculated to emulate the organic growth of reeds in water. Formed from naturally rusting steel, the reed-like structures refer to both the nearby lake and aquatic centre.

Location: Rear of Narre Warren Library, Magid Drive, Narre Warren

'Pride and Passion' by Jenny Steiner (2009)
Celebrating community sports, this artwork reflects the pride and passion of players, supporters, club members, families, friends and supporters who turn out every week to urge their team on. This crafted stainless steel artwork combines the dynamic elements of sport such as the arc of the ball, dimensions of the pitch and vertical goal posts with finely etched images. Laser cut words capture the expressions of some of the community users of the reserve when talking about their sport.

Location: Narre Warren North Recreation Reserve Pavilion, 203a Belgrave-Hallam Road, Narre Warren North

'Commonwealth Games Dolphin Fish' by Mothers Art (2008)
As part of the spectacular opening on the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, 72 fish sculptures were set on the Yarra River. Each fish represented a competing nation.
Three of these fish were gifted to the City of Casey by the City of Melbourne and the Victorian Government and have now been restored for permanent display.

Location: Outside the Tooradin Hotel, Sth Gippland Hwy, Tooradin

'Fun Family and Friendship' by Jenny Steiner (2011)
This artwork celebrates the community connections made by participants and families at the Prospect Hill Junior Soccer club. Assembled from a variety of treated steels pieces and influenced by the mathematical design of a soccer ball, the work includes etched images of the club members during play.

Location: Prospect Hill Recreation Reserve, 75 Kurrajong Road, Narre Warren

'FUSE' by Natalie Kosnar (2011)
Casey Public Art

Adorning the entrance to Casey’s iconic Shed Skate Park, this dynamic stainless steel design reflects the rhythmic and organic lines created by the movement of riders and skaters. A group of young creative people worked with the artist to develop the design and create their own artworks on skateboards as part of the project.

Location: The Shed Skate Park, 65 Berwick-Cranbourne Road, Cranbourne East

'Thookay Gunditj' by Vicki Couzens (2008)
Thookay Gunditj (meaning place of children) was created by artist Vicki Couzins to celebrate the significance of Ochre to indigenous culture and commemorate the Land as a place where families gathered for centuries to collect ochre. The work depicts two dancers with a possum skin cloak etched with designs created by the kindergarten children.

Location: Foyer of Hunt Club Childrens Centre, 40 Broad Oak Drive, Cranbourne East

'Beyond First Glance' by Anne Riggs (2010)
This series of five stunning mosaics feature marble and handmade tiles by the artist. Depict elements from the natural environment, the works span the entrance to the children’s centre, offering a gallery of surprises as viewers are encouraged to look beyond the first glance to discover a myriad of hidden details.

Location: Gwendoline Childrens Centre, 25 Gwendoline Drive, Berwick

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