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Funtopia Maribyrnong (Maidstone)

Choose your world at Funtopia from Playground World or Climbing World.

Playground World - This area is one of the biggest playground arenas in Australia with over 650sqm of play space. Keep the kids entertained with five levels of fun, nine slides, mirror mazes, a car track and much more. There’s even a huge 5m volcano climb with a speed slide!

There’s a designated toddler arena for the youngest Funtopians. This arena has been specifically designed for children under 2.

Funtopia Maribyrnong

Playground World features the highlights of Australia. Drive a Melbourne tram, climb the scenic Sydney Harbour Bridge, visit Uluru and discover the Great Barrier Reef ball pit. Playground World helps build confidence and is both educational and fun!

Climbing World
Climb 40 of Funtopia’s best interactive climbing walls ranging from beginner levels to climbing challenges fit for a pro! Funtopia climbing challenges help develop mental and physical strength along with a sense of balance and achievement.

Climb the burning building and put out the fires as you go or use the grips on labyrinth and climb the puzzle. Be like Jack and climb the beanstalk or race your friends on the speed wall.

Funtopia Maribyrnong

Is climbing safe? Our walls feature a self-descending system, which will catch you if you fall and bring you back to Earth gently. No climbing buddy is needed!

Funtopia is also the only climbing system in the world to use One More Life matting, which covers the floor of the entire climbing arena. This matting is designed to absorb falls of up to 12 metres height and to save lives.

A session includes one hour of climbing plus a 15 minute safety briefing and is suitable for ages 4 – 84.

Funtopian Pack
Let your worlds collide and enjoy access to both Playground World and Climbing World.

Birthday Parties
Funtopia birthday parties are FunBelievable! A party at Funtopia is sure to be the most fun a child could have during their birthday celebration. Parents can put their feet up, relax and enjoy a specialty coffee from Mr Spriggins. We’ve got the show covered!

As one of the most adventurous and unique party venues in Melbourne’s western suburbs, the kids are sure to leave with smiles, laughter, and wanting to come back for more. Every Funtopia birthday party includes a private party room and party host. We’re party experts, so you don’t have to worry about the nitty gritty of party planning! Choose a Playground Party, Climbing World Party or contact us to customise your special event.
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Funtopia is unusual in that it is split down the middle into two distinct areas - Playground World (which is like a traditional play centre) and Climbing World (which is like a climbing centre). There is a separate entrance fee for each section and each child will probably gravitate towards one of the two areas. Younger kids will gravitate towards Playground World while older kids will probably gravitate towards the climbing area. It is possible for the parents to sit in the middle of the two areas.

We especially liked the climbing area of Funtopia which is a top notch combination of fun and chellenge.

Playground World has some iconic highlights of Australia including the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Uluru, the Great Barrier Reef and a giant Melbourne tram. They are joined together by a maze of multi level climbing structures stacked with obstacles and slides including a mirror maze and a tower of layers of horizontal webbing to climb through. The whole area is fenced off with limited entry and exit points. You may need to take a map, compass and packed lunch if you don't have a good sense of direction in order to exit from this area.

All the slides are very nice with the biggest wave slide having some satisfying bumps along the way. There is also some spiral slides and a very steep almost vertical slide. This slide is open all the time and doesn't require a staff member to manage kids dropping down below. In the corner there is a 5m high volcano which you need to climb up the sides using hand and foot holds to reach the metal slide for a descent out of the zone of boiling lava.

The Great Barrier Reef area has a sunken pit with air cannons on the sides. Staying in the pit and dodging balls is more dangerous than a fight with a crown of thorns starfish.

This zone has some low climbing walls for younger kids who aren't ready for the massive walls in the Climbing World zone. They can also climb Uluru.

There is a very small fenced toddler area with some large soft toys.

Climbing World has 40 climbing walls which are unusual, challenging and fun. The climbing walls have enough variation that all levels of climbers will be able to find something to interest them. The climbing walls are all different. One of the standout climbs is a giant beanstalk which has clouds made from a smoke machine. There is a climbing wall which has multiple routes with rock climbing holds of varying levels of difficulty. Hanging tantalisingly at the top of the route with green holds was an Xbox which is the prize (or something similar) for anyone who can successfully do the route. Even though it would take a very good climber to reach the top, it doesn't stop the kids trying (and falling off) repeatedly to reach the elusive prize. At the other end of the climbing arena is another chance to win an Xbox or similar prize. It hangs temptingly from the ceiling and two people together can stack up soft boxes while standing on top to try and bring it down and claim their prize.

Funtopia Maribyrnong

There is also the Leap of Faith type jump into space and the giant drop slide.

There are a variety of safety features. The walls feature a self-descending system which means that a climbing buddy isn't needed and climbing is not possible until a key clips into place. The floor of the climbing area also has a special matting which is designed to absorb falls of up to 12 metres height. The self-descending system can be a bit fiddly to use and can take some time to get used to but the safety elements make it worth it.

There is a café that’s connected to the venue called Mr Spriggins which services patrons of Funtopia as well as external customers. In the front corner and along the middle of the centre are plenty of tables of different sizes. An interesting feature is that no chair is the same. If you don't like your chair then find another from the huge range.

There are six party rooms including one open-air room. One of the party rooms is a disco room with a DJ and black light.

There are some extra arcade games including an air hockey table which require extra money.


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98 Hampstead Road,  Maidstone 3012, Victoria, Australia. View Map Map opens in new browser window
Telephone: (03) 9317 0413
Map: 27 Ref: J10

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