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Where to find the BIG things across Victoria

The BIG things across Australia have cult status and some families make a road trip, to rival "European Family Vacation", to seek them out. Keep an eye open for Chevy Chase and the kids and follow our guide to find them all.

The current concrete version of the Big Apple located at the Big Apple Tourist Orchard, 432 Bacchus Marsh Road, Bacchus Marsh is not quite as grand or colourful as the previous version. Let's call it a medium thing.

There is a Big Apple hanging from a pole outside the Gladysdale Primary School which is the home of the annual Gladysdale Apple and Wine Festival. It is located at 550 Yarra Junction-Noojee Road, Gladysdale.

Big Bees Eureka Tower

The Big Bees are on the side of the Eureka Sky Deck building at 7 Riverside Quay, Southbank.

Big Bee Beechworth Honey Experience

There is a Big bee buzzing around the Beechworth Honey Experience at 33 Ford Street, Beechworth.

The Big Bicycle sits on the roof of Riviera Cycles at 193 Main Street, Bairnsdale.

The 4m high Big Brussel Sprout is located outside Adams Farms at 681 Maroondah Highway, Coldstream.

Big Bunjil Docklands

The Big Bunjil sculpture is along Wurundjeri Way in the Docklands. In Australian Aboriginal mythology, Bunjil is a creator deity who is often depicted as a wedge-tailed eagle.

A huge replica of Winston Churchill's cigar, known as the Big Cigar, is located on Monash Way (just north of the intersection with Balfour Place) in Churchill as a celebration of the man after whom the town is named.

Big Floral Clock Melbourne
The Big Floral Clock contains over 7,000 flowering plants which are changed twice yearly. The clock was donated in 1966 to the City of Melbourne by a group of Swiss watchmakers and is located at the corner of Linlithgow Avenue and St Kilda Road, Melbourne.

The Big Coffee Maker is located outside Georges Gourmet Coffee, 340 Victoria Street, Brunswick in Melbourne. This may have been taken down now.

The Big Cork is inside the Domaine Chandon winery.

Big Cows, Phillip Island
The Big Cows are located outside the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory at 930 Phillip Island Road, Newhaven on Phillip Island.

Big Crab Frankston
The Big Crab is located on the Frankston Foreshore in Melbourne.

Big Dead Fish, Fish Creek
The Big Dead Fish is mounted on the roof of the Art Deco Fish Creek Hotel in the town of Fish Creek in Gippsland. A friend who is proficient at fishing tells me that it is a mullet. Maybe it is actually a stunned mullet? The hotel is located at 1 Old Waratah Road.

Fairfield Industrial Dog ObjectThe Big Dog, aka Fairfield Industrial Dog Object (FIDO) talked to passers by, wagged its tail, wiggled its ears and lit up at night through the use of sensors and digital controls. Unfortunately these controls are no longer working and it is not known whether they will be repaired. It is located next to the Fairfield Railway Station, corner of Wingrove Street and Station Street, Fairfield.

The Giant Earth Worm is the remnant of a display about the huge earth worms which live in the area. Apparently you need a special license to keep gigantic earth worms which the proprietor did not have and the attraction was closed down. It is possible to get a peek from 1/10 Acton Road, Bass.

There are many Big Fish in Victoria. Just ask any fisherman about the BIG one which got away. An example is the Big Fish on the wall of a Fish and Chips store at 2 Breakwater Road, Apollo Bay.

Big Fish Lake Road, Bellbridge
Another example is a Big Fish made from a metal frame at Lake Road, Bellbridge.

Commonwealth Games Giant Fish, Melbourne
Seventy two giant metal fish were created for the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne and are now scattered around Victoria. See here for the current location of these whoppers which didn't get away.

The Big Flower, a metal gerbera, sits on top of the florist shop, Flowers @ Junction, in Yarra Junction. The location is 2455 Warburton Highway, Yarra Junction.

The Big Garden Pot stands outside Pots Galore, 770 Springvale Road, Braeside.

Gog and Magog, Royal Arcade, Melbourne

Two giant statues of the mythical figures of Gog and Magog strike chimes every hour in the Royal Arcade in Central Melbourne

The Big Golf Ball is located at the Spring Valley Golf Course, 619 Heatherton Road, Clayton South.

Big Golf Ball at Daylesford Mini Golf

Another Big Golf Ball is located at Daylesford Mini Golf at 11 Daylesford Hepburn Road, Daylesford.

The 9m high stainless steel Big Gnome is located near the Peninsula Link Cranbourne Road exit in Frankston. After four years in this location it will moved to the McClelland Sculpture Park in Langwarrin.

The Big Lotus Flower is located at 1/11 Bridge Street, Bendigo near the Dai Gum San Chinese precinct.

The Big Hand is carved out of a tree stump and is located at 63 Main Street, Bacchus Marsh.

The Big Hens stand outside the Happy Hens Egg Farm at the corner of the Midland Highway and Taylors Road in Meredith.

Big Koala, Phillip Island
The Big Koala is located on Phillip Island next to the Rusty Water Brewery and Restaurant at 1821 Phillip Island Road, Cowes.

Giant Koala, Dadswells Bridge
The Giant Koala is 14 m tall and weighs 12 tonnes. It is the located at 5829 Western Highway, Dadswells Bridge.

Big Lizard Marysville
The Big Lizard is a big blue-tongued lizard at a playground in Gallipoli Park, 6 Murchison Street, Marysville.

Big Lizzie, Red CliffsBig Lizzie is a 45 tonne machine which was built between 1915-16 that was once used to clear the Mallee Scrub around Red Cliffs. It is located at the intersection of the Calder Highway and Jamieson Avenue in Red Cliffs.

Big Mallee Bull Birchip
The Big Mallee Bull is located in the main street of Birchip.

Big Mallee Fowl
The Big Mallee Fowl consists of two corrugated iron Mallee Fowl sculptures at 60 Federation Street, Patchewollock.

Big Mallee Root, Ouyen
The Big Mallee Root is an is an actual Mallee root and is located at Blackburn Park, 6 Calder Highway, Ouyen. It is the largest Mallee stump in Australia and is estimated to be hundreds of years old.

The Big Russian Matryoshka Dolls are in the garden of the housing commission flats at 90 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy.

Big Milk Carton
The Big Milk Carton at 3626 Kiewa Valley Highway in Kergunyah South is a super-sized letter box.

The Big Milkshake is located at the entrance to the car park at Allansford Cheese World at 5324 Great Ocean Road, Allansford.

Big Miner Ballarat
The Big Miner is located at the Gold Rush Mini Golf Lot 4, Western Highway, Warrenheip which is on the on the eastern side of Ballarat. The statue stands as a tribute to the tens of thousands of gold prospectors who frequented regional Victoria during the second half of the nineteenth century. The gold rush inspired the greatest social migration yet seen in work history to that time.

Big Ned Kelly is located at Gold Rush Golf on the Western Highway on the eastern side of Ballarat with the Big Miner. Yet to confirm that this actually exists.

Giant Murray Cod, Swan HillThe Giant Murray Cod located at 140 Murray Valley Highway, Swan Hill is a monument to the big cod fish that had been caught in the river before irrigation and drought affected the river. The fish is 11 metres in length and was actually built as a move prop for a film called ‘Eight Ball’. The locals liked it so much and found a home for it.

Big Ned Kelly Statue, Glenrowan
The six metre high Big Ned Kelly statue immortalizes the bushranger Ned Kelly in the town of Glenrowan which is the place of the last siege of the Kelly Gang and the deaths of three of its members. It is located at the corner of Gladstone Street and Kate Street.

Big Octopus Lakes Entrance
The Big Octopus sits on the roof of the Griffiths Sea Shell Museum at 125 The Esplanade in Lakes Entrance

Big Petition, MelbourneThe Big Petition sculpture is a 20-metre-long scroll which folds onto itself and appears to submerge itself underground before reappearing again on the other side of a pathway. It was unveiled on 3 December 2008 to commemorate the centenary of women's suffrage in Victoria. The sculpture refers to the "Monster Petition" calling for women to be granted the right to vote, which was signed by 30,000 Victorian women over a period of six weeks in 1891. The original petition, which consists of sheets of paper glued onto lengths of calico fabric, is 260 metres long and is held by the state's Public Record Office. It is located at 1-33 Parliament Place, East Melbourne.

The Big Pheasant, Gumbuya Park, Tynong

The Big Pheasant sits at the entrance to Gumbuya Park at 2705 Princes Highway, Tynong.

Giant Pocket Watch
The Giant Pocket Watch in the Melbourne Central Shopping Centre weighs two tonnes. Every hour on the dot, a marionette display with Australian galahs, cockatoos and two minstrels performing Waltzing Matilda drops down from the bottom of the watch. The watch is located on level two of the Melbourne Central Shopping Centre at 139A/211 La Trobe Street, Melbourne.

Giant Public Purse
The Giant Public Purse is located at the north-west end of the Bourke Street Mall outside the GPO.

Big Rabbit Docklands
The Big Rabbit is a black painted aluminium toy rabbit sculpture created by Emily Floyd in 2004 which sits on the side of the road at 16A Waterview Walk, Docklands.

Big Rolling Pin, Wodonga
The Big Rolling Pin sits atop Henri's Wodonga Bakery and spins. It is the world's largest rolling pin and is located at 9 Elgin Boulevard, Wodonga.

Big Shark

The Big Shark has been caught at the mini golf course at Maru Koala and Animal Park in Grantville.

The Big Shoe originally appeared in the 1967 Moomba Parade but is now located at 169 Moorooduc Highway, Baxter.

The Big Smoke is a giant cigarette located at the Tobacco Co-Operative of Victoria at 235 Myrtleford-Yackandandah Road, Myrtleford. Imagine how much cancer that cigarette could cause.

The Big Sphinx is on the roof of the Sphinx Hotel at 2 Thompson Road, North Geelong.

Big Strawberry, Koonoomoo
The Big Strawberry is located at 7034 Goulburn Valley Highway in Koonoomoo.

There is another Big Strawberry at Yarra Valley Gateway Estate, 667 Maroondah Highway, Coldstream.

Big Tap, A Maze N Things
The Big Tap is suspended in the air above A Maze 'N Things on Phillip Island. The attraction is located at 1805 Phillip Island Road, Cowes.

Big Watermelon, Wantirna South
The Big Watermelon is located at the Big Watermelon fruit and vegetable store at 1161 High Street Road, Wantirna South in Melbourne.

Big Wave, Newhaven, Phillip Island
Ride the sculptured concrete Big Wave on a surfboard in front of Islantis Surf Experience at 10 Phillip Island Road, Newhaven on Phillip Island.

Big Wheat statue
The Big Wheat statue is located at Blackburn Park, 6 Calder Highway, Ouyen (near the Big Mallee Root).

Big Wine Bottle, Rutherglen
The Big Wine Bottle is a water tower in the shape and colour of a wine bottle. It is located at 45 Campbell Street, Rutherglen.

Big Wool Bales, Hamilton
The Big Wool Bales are located at 230 Coleraine Road, Hamilton. They were built in 1989 but the café and souvenir shop which were contained within the Big Wool Bales closed in 2013.

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