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Clip N Climb (Berwick)

Climbing wall meets theme park, Clip ‘n Climb Berwick is THE place for all ages to enjoy healthy, challenging fun with an extra dose of adrenaline.

Clip 'n Climb Enjoy an abundance of climbs for all ages and skill levels, all as amazing to look at as they are thrilling to climb. Race on the Speed Climb, shake your buddy off Inflated, climb the Stairway to Heaven or take the amazing Astroball challenge—the first of its kind in the world.

Up for a mega-adrenaline-rush? Try the Vertical Drop Slide or The Leap of Faith… if you dare!

Our top-of-the-line TRUBLUE Auto Belays keep you safe and sound no matter how high you go, and gently glide you down to a soft landing.

SkyTrail/SkyRail - Clip ’n Climb Berwick takes family fun to new heights with Australia’s largest multi-level indoor suspended obstacle course. Boasting a zig zagging series of 21 exciting rope, cable and wooden challenges on giant poles and platforms, it promises a great natural high – and at 10 metres tall, we do mean high!

Find your feet on easier elements at lower levels, then increase the challenge and adrenalin rush the higher you go. Choose your own path and pace, and feel secure with your harness safely locked into the structure until you're back down at ground level.

SkyRail, the only one in Australia, is an overhead flying fox track attached to the SkyTrail course that lets you 'fly' for 20 metres, six metres up.

Cheeky Monkey Climb - With five fascinating levels towering up to 8 metres, Cheeky Monkey Climb includes:
  • Spider Tower (7 metres) suitable for all abilities with entries low, lookouts high and exits at all levels
  • Speed Slide with two lanes
  • Spiral Slide (5.5 metres) with exciting clear sections
  • Multi-level ball battle arena, with ball fountains and cannons
  • Obstacle passages, including a kaleidoscope tube
Kids will also love our resident characters Cheeky the monkey, Tracey the tree frog, Gerry the giraffe, and the fun-loving Youcan the toucan.

Birthday Parties
Choose from three exciting challenges when you book your next party; a Climb Party, a Sky Party or a Monkey Party.
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This centre has a good range of the colourful, fun climbs which are a standard of Clip 'N Climb (not as many as Clip 'N Climb in Richmond though), a very tall vertical slide and a Leap of Faith. However they have some extra features which are currently not in the other Clip 'N Climb centres - a multi-level indoor suspended obstacle course which includes a fun flying fox and a play/climbing structure (Cheeky Monkey area) for younger kids (aged 3-9 years) in the corner.

It's a bit scary crossing the obstacles of the SkyTrail, especially when they get to the highest level, but holding onto the safety chain, which hangs from above, with your hands makes traversing the obstacles much easier. The suspended obstacle course is located above the central area which has a number of small tables.

The range of attractions means that you have three options for birthday parties; a climbing party, a SkyTrail / SkyRail party or a Cheeky Monkey Climb party. There are some party rooms which are decorated in a basic manner.

It would be great to have a combined ticket which includes 45 minutes of climbing and 30 minutes of SkyTrail / SkyRail for a decent price. If might be tricky to arrange due to the different harnesses and safety briefings required but I think it would result in a lot more use of the Skytrail.

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Address | Contact

39-51 Intrepid Street,  Berwick , Victoria, Australia. View Map Map opens in new browser window
Telephone: (03) 9769 9966
Map: 111 Ref: B9

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