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Latitude Melbourne (Heidelberg West)

Experience the feeling of reaching new heights as you Bounce, Climb AND Fly at Latitude Melbourne!

Latitude offers a world of aerial entertainment for little kids and big kids alike. From our dedicated Kids Zone for children 18 months to 5 years, to our fully integrated bouncing and climbing activity floor, there is something for everyone. Latitude will challenge the body and mind, and leave you with a brand-new attitude.

Boasting 100+ interconnected trampolines, performance area, giant air bag, dodgeball courts and basketball lanes, Latitude has bouncing covered. But Latitude is more than a Bounce. There is over 180 meters of climbing fun, including 14 unique climbing challenges and an 8 meter down-rush bungee tower. This is indoor rock climbing like you've never experienced it!

Best of all, you get access to all activities during your 60-minute session, so you can Bounce, Climb and Fly.

Come check us out at Latitude Melbourne

Activities are:

Free Jump Trampolines:
The free jump area gives you the ultimate freedom to express yourself. Run up the vertical trampolines, back flip your way down our racing laneways or use our jump platforms for that extra air, the area is yours!

Performance Trampolines:
You’ll be set to soar in the performance area. Our Olympic grade performance trampolines are the ideal place to practice your back flips, cartwheels and even pick up some new tricks.

Giant Air Bag:
Our giant airbag is the perfect place to put your aerial skills to the test, all while landing on a giant pillow. Take the plunge of our 3-metre-high jump platform or try our performance trampoline for some additional air!

Dodgeball Court:
Dodge your way to victory! We bet you’ve never had a dodgeball game like this before, this is dodgeball with an added edge! Bounce from wall to wall, eliminating the other team as fast as you can.

Basketball Lanes:
Shoot your way to glory! Take on some friends in a three-point shootout or take to the skies using our basketball lanes, pulling off some thrilling aerial trick shots.

Climbing Wall:
Harness in and scale our epic rock climbing walls with some of your mates. If that isn’t enough, you can go face to face, racing up our transparent rock climbing wall as you race to the top.

We’ve also got our 8-metre high down-rush bungee platform, which will be sure to test your courage. It’s a real adrenaline rush!

Battle Beam:
Get the adrenaline pumping as you meet eye to eye with your adversary in this battle with a difference. Use your strength and skill to get the better of your opponent, knocking them into the foam below!

Obstacle Course:
Tackle our sky-high obstacle course, which stands 8 metres above ground level. It will have you climbing, tight-rope walking and swinging through several fun and thrilling challenges. An indoor high ropes course like you’ve never seen before!

Kids Zone:
The smaller you are, the bigger the adventure! Latitude looks after everyone in the family with their kids play centre. Our dedicated Kids Zone has been specifically designed for little tackers from 18 months to 5 years old. Little aerial superstars and mums and dads alike will love this new and improved supersized soft children’s play area.

Children’s Parties

Filled with friends, freedom and plenty of fun, a Latitude birthday is the ultimate party experience. Get the VIP treatment as your dedicated birthday party host leads the party on an adrenaline fuelled experience, giving parents a much-needed break.

We have four fab party packages to choose from. Each includes 60 minutes of activity, a dedicated party host and catering served in your private party room. For all the info on parties, visit Latitude Parties

You can book online, or give us a call and we’ll design the perfect party for the birthday child.

Opening Hours:

Opening Hours




We've just found our favourite trampoline centre. Not only does it have all the key trampoline elements such as freestyle jumping area, dodgeball courts, giant air bags, basketball lanes, foam pits and performance trampolines but extra elements such as a climbing wall, high obstacle course, clip-on climbing walls, a battle balance beam and a fantastic play area for kids who are five years old and younger.

Latitude gives you an hour to play and you choose whether you want to jump, climb or play or do a combination of each. It's a huge plus point that you can combine so many activities in one place. You need to wear suitable shoes for the clip-on climbing and high obstacle course while the Latitude grip socks are used for everything else.

The centre is very large in the shape of a rectangle and has a lovely fresh feel splashed with bright colours like orange, red, yellow and pink. The centre has cooling and heating provisioned and some large doors can be opened on one side to let in some fresh air. The piped music is pleasant and contributes to the vibe without being too obtrusive.

Upstairs near the entrance area is a nice café with a good range of food, snacks and drinks, birthday party rooms which are nicely presented, an area with tables and a mezzanine with tables which looks over the play area. There is visibility over the Kids Zone for younger kids and part of the main area. However, you can't sit on the balcony area and sip on a latte and see you kids across the whole centre unless you have the eyes of a hawk. The clip-on climbing area is out of sight in the far corner even for hawks.

There are plenty of free open lockers for shoes in the central corridor plus some secure lockers ($2 per locker). There are no extra rides which would provide the opportunity to nag Mum and Dad to spend extra money. Drinking fountains, on the ground floor to the left of the centre corridor as you come off the floor, are available for patrons to use.

The climbing area in one corner of the centre has two "stairways to heaven", a triangular structure, which is designed to move with the motion of the climbers, with three difficult ladder type climbs plus thirteen other climbs which are fun and colourful. The Down Rush is an activity in this area where climbers can leap off a 5 metre wooden tower, with only the auto-belay to slow their decent.

The climbs use an auto-belay system which means that a single person can climb by themselves. However younger kids need to be supervised by an adult. There are two carabiners connected to the harness which probably increases safety but adds to the complexity of detaching from and attaching to the floor mat. The same harness system is used for the clip-on climbing and high obstacle course. Children under the age of 12 need to be supervised by an adult and the staff monitor and assist where necessary, including a safety brief for first timers. Overall the climbs are very good but the kids enjoyed the climbs at Clip 'N Climb locations more.

Latitude has the following areas. In one corner closest to the elevated seating area is a curved climbing wall with a soft floor. You can traverse this wall without ropes. If you fall off there's a soft landing. Next to this area are two foam pits which are great fun to jump in and wallow about like a pregnant hippo. Between the foam pits is a battle balance beam. Long "soft" tubes with handles are provided to battle against an opponent and force them to fall into the foam pit. In this case the loser might be a winner since it can't be too bad falling into a pit of soft foam cubes. The high obstacle course also ends in this pit so be on the lookout for some-one being expelled out of a red twisting tunnel slide.

Next to this area is a freestyle jumping with a field of interconnected trampolines, inclined walls and soft blocks to bounce up on to. On two sides of the freestyle area is a high obstacle course. Put on a harness, clip in and cross a course in the air constructed from a beam, suspended blocks and wire. The course ends with a twisty tunnel slide which dumps you into a foam pit.

As you move along the wall there are four trampolines with big air bags at the end and in the corner are six performance trampolines where you can be a wall demon and bounce off the walls.

The clip-on climbing walls are in the other corner and then there are two dodgeball courts and three basketball lanes.

Next to this is a brilliant area for kids who are five years of age and younger. The Kids Zone is a decent size and is lined with bench seats and little round tables. There is an area for little climbers, little jumpers and little kids who just want to have fun. The corner of this area has a foam pit and a climbing wall with fun colourful holds around two sides of the pit. Fall off the wall and you'll end up in a pit full of foam blocks. There is also a line of soft stepping stones in the foam pit. There are some small trampolines which extend up the wall and an area like a Play Centre with a multi-level structure, slides and ball pits. Being five and under has never been so good.

Some tips to make your trip to Latitude hum:
  • Make sure you bring enclosed shoes for the climbing areas
  • If you want to start on the climbing areas first, come a little early and harness up straight away to avoid any queues.
  • Come back time after time and save with a session multi pass



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Address | Contact

590 Waterdale Road,  Heidelberg West 3081, Victoria, Australia. View Map Map opens in new browser window
Telephone: 1300 123 528
Map: 19 Ref: G10

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