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SuperZu Playcentre & Cafe (Dingley Village)

SuperZu offers a play experience unmatched by any indoor play centre in Australia. With a huge floor area (more than 2000 m2), we have an unprecedented range of equipment and attractions, all contained within a fully themed “zoo” environment.

You can start at the massive climbing Volcano that towers over you when you enter, then climb and run around the entire centre and play on all the major attractions without ever touching the ground!

SuperZu sets a new benchmark in play centres. In fact, it’s not just an indoor play centre – it is really an indoor adventure park!

Major features include:

Massive Play Structure - SuperZu’s amazing play structure includes 3 climbing levels that peak at 6.3m high! We have over 1 kilometre of trails, tunnels, tubes and caverns to explore. All of the big attractions are connected by endless tunnels and tubes. It’s a fantastic adventure playground to play “tiggy” and “hide and seek”!

Climbing Volcano - Discover the spirit of adventure by scaling the 4.5m high Volcano. Make sure you get a good foothold and then climb to the peak. But watch out for the hot lava! Once you reach the top, slide down the mountain or run the gauntlet to the Tubby Slide.

Tubby Slide - It’s a giant tube slide! Start at the top of the 4.2m high platform. Jump on the inflatable tube and hold on tight as you race down the 25 metre slide to the long, long landing zone at the bottom.

Trampolines - What kid doesn’t love a bouncy trampoline? We have 3 of them – one near the Tubby Slide and another two near the toddler’s area. All are super springy and fully enclosed for safety.

Indoor Cave Climb - Fun meets fitness! Challenge yourself to scale our 3 metre high climbing walls. The walls are in a cave like setting underneath the Tubby Slide. Ride the flying foxes and climb the monkey bars. See if you can make it all the way to the end without dropping off!

Ride On Animals - Need to take a load off? Come on over to the Ride-On Animal track and jump on board. But don’t get too relaxed. These animals open and close their mouths, their heads move from side to side, and they walk and turn. They are so real you’ll think you are on safari! Choose from a Zebra, Elephant, Lioness or Rhinoceros.

Safari Car Track - Fancy an African safari? Here’s your opportunity to cruise around in your very own safari car. Put your foot down but keep your eyes peeled for all the SuperZu animals! Choose from a Giraffe, Zebra, Cheetah, Tiger or Snake car.

Creepy Climber - Ever wondered what it’s like to be stuck in a spider’s web? Yuk, right? Wrong! You’ll love this web. Starting from the bottom, you need to push your way through each layer, then the webbing closes shut behind you so you can’t fall through. Six levels of webbing makes this a great challenge to see who can get to the top of the 4.5m tower first. Trust us – it’s harder than it looks.

Ball Cannons - Who doesn’t love a good shoot ‘em up? Our massive Ball Cannon arena offers 8 guns shooting soft foam balls. Collect your ammo, load up your cannon then boom! Bull’s-eye!

Opening Hours:

Open 09:00 – 17:00, 7 days a week. Excluding Christmas Day, Easter Sunday and New Years Day.




SuperZu can lay valid claims to being the biggest and best Play Centre in Melbourne. The huge play area has a zoo theme and is centred around an erupting volcano which has climbing holds to get up the slippery volcanic cone. Upon reaching the top of the volcano, the (very) adventurous can slide down the side and end up in a sprawling heap at the base or alternatively take the fast tunnel slide and be spat out of the slide with more force than any volcano in Bali could manage.

The main play area has a lot of fun activities such as a tube slide (this is great for tiring out the kids since they need to pull their tube from the bottom of the slide up to the top), a huge multi-tiered play structure with lots of obstacles and slides, a cave climb which has hanging rungs and climbing holds on the walls, a tower with six layers of webbing to climb up and down through, a trampoline perched high up in the air (surrounded with secure netting thankfully), wave slides with ball pit at the bottom and a huge multi-level area with cannons which shoot soft balls (test your reflexes by staying on the ground level and trying to catch the balls as they are shot towards you). You can either shoot at targets or other people (which is an order of magnitude more fun than shooting at targets)

This area also has two attractions which require extra payment - safari cars which are driven around a small circular track and safari animals which move about while the kids are riding on them. The animals weren't working when we visited but they seem like an exciting attraction for kids (although less so for Mum and Dad who have to fork out the extra money for the rides).

The fenced toddler area at one end is fairly basic and includes a soft cubby with steps and slides, educational and fun panels, ball pit with a volcano in the middle which suspends balls in the air, blocks and toys. In this corner are a couple of trampolines for younger kids. This area also has a well equipped parents room with facilities such as changing tables, microwave and sink.

Just past reception is an area with lots of tables surrounded by five birthday rooms which are decorated in different themes (Frozen, Princess, Knights & Dragons, Jungle and Dinosaur). The themes are excellent and the best ones (Frozen, Princess and Knights & Dragons) are very atmospheric. For example, the Knights & Dragons room has a banquet table and knight in armour.

There are also tables scattered throughout the Play Centre and seating shouldn't be an issue.

The carpark outside the Play Centre fills up quickly but there are lots of other places to park, especially on weekends when the Business Park is generally quiet. The SuperZu website has some suggestions on alternative parking locations. However, there is a tow-away zone and some care is needed to ensure you don't come out of the Centre and start asking "Where is my car?"

At the entrance are some large dinosaur eggs and one has an animatronic dinosaur which moves its head.

There is quite a good range of food and drinks. Judging by the portion size for a large chips (our staple food at a Play Centre) the food isn't great value for money.

There were plenty of staff stationed throughout the Centre trying their best to bring some order from the chaos of zillions of excited kids running around. Generally the staff were friendly without being too officious.

The elephant in the room (or is that in the zu?) is the entrance cost. The basic entry price (without extra safari or animal rides) is about $5 more per child compared to other Play Centres. Considering that the kids are likely to stay an extended period here without getting bored, we would consider it good value. It also compares well against trampoline centres which are a similar price and sessions only last an hour.


Address | Contact

362-364 Boundary Road,  Dingley Village 3172, Victoria, Australia. View Map Map opens in new browser window
Telephone: (03) 9551 7559
Map: 88 Ref: A4

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