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Garage Classics of Williamstown

Take a nostalgic tour of this unique automotive museum and immerse yourself in the history and ambience of a bygone era amid timeless British, European and American cars and motorcycles from the 1920s 1970s.

It is the ideal destination to catch-up with fellow automotive enthusiasts, hold your next club meeting, discover the perfect autobilia gift or simply while away the hours.

Garage Classics of Williamstown exhibits many cars and motorcycles that were milestones in the history of motoring vehicles that have significantly changed human, economic and social behaviours forever.

T MODEL FORD - Vehicles such as the T Model Ford, enabled every family to access mobility for commerce and pleasure. Henry Ford also achieved a new method of manufacturing the Assembly Line used in all manufacturing industries ever since.

AUSTIN 7 - Herbert Austin also achieved advances in humanity in England where he produced the Austin 7 A car that could be afforded by the masses, thus changing England for ever. This mass market appeal led other manufacturers to offer variants, adapting to the different needs of the greater public including several sports models.

ROLLS ROYCE - One of the most significant vehicles to be built in England was the Rolls Royce a car of such excellence that the name is used as a synonym when referring to the very best of any product.

AUSTIN HEALEY - Sports cars and auto sports soon flourished. A significant sports car of British renown, is the Austin Healey 3000 the car to beat in race courses around Europe.

JAGUAR - Another notable car company was Jaguar a quality vehicle of innovative design. The Jaguar was the first saloon car with four wheel disc brakes and many of the other features only available in extremely expensive cars twin overhead cam, high performance engine with overdrive gearbox, leather trim, and sports car-handling but Jaguar was able to offer these at a more affordable price. Such was the Jaguar MK II 3.8 and its predecessors.

FORD - Commercial vehicles were needed specifically, the pickup or the Australian utility, for the farmer and handyman. The Ute, such as the 1936 Ford Coupe Utility, was designed and built for Aussies, and they took to them with great gusto.

CHEVY - Chevrolet produced a pickup very early in the history of the company. These vehicles were usually flat-tray or side-stepped utilities such as the 1929 Chevrolet Tray Pickup.

Motorcycling grew alongside the motorcar and was a cheaper option for many families. Motorcycling also grew as a sport across the world. Many configurations and specials were constructed for specialty markets in Britain, and are now a highly collectable and appreciating asset.

AJS - The earliest of fine British engineering came from the record-breaking AJS 350 Big Port. This bike was so far ahead of the opposition it was able to win not only the 350cc Isle of Man T.T., but also the 500cc races for two consecutive years.

BROUGH - The renowned Brough Superior SS100 is regarded as the first Superbike and the Rolls Royce of motorcycles. A tribute replica bike (built by Leigh Goodall) is on display at GARAGE CLASSICS.

TRIUMPH | BSA NORTON - Other specialty motorcycles such as the Triumph and BSA Norton were household names in Britain and used extensively for domestic, commercial, and government transport and of course, for sport. One such sport flat tracking motorcycle used a Triumph 750cc twin cylinder to great success as seen in the movie, On Any Sunday.

BSA METISSE - A BSA Goldstar Scrambler (now Motocross) machine fitted within the famous Rickman Metisse frame was the winner across the world in its day.

NORTON - One of the most successful motorcycles in Britain is the Norton Brand best represented by their last the Norton Commando MK II.?Norton was a fierce competitor in road racing and its most famous and successful model was the Norton Manx a world-beater during the 1950s.

WELBIKE - Motorcycling was invaluable during the World Wars. The famous Villiers Company produced a small, collapsible motorcycle with a 98cc Villiers Junior Motor, capable of being parachuted (along with Commandos) over Europe, enabling the quick escape from a mission. The majority of Welbikes were destroyed on completion of a mission however, an original Welbike, with its original parachute capsule is exhibited at Garage Classics.

INDIAN - The American contribution to motorcycling and the war effort is best represented by the Indian Scout a 500cc V Twin motorcycle provided to the allies during the Second World War. An original bike on-show at GARAGE CLASSICS is of keen interest to all war machinery buffs.

BSA LIGHTNING - One of the last British Motorcycles 1972, and possibly the best, is the BSA Lightning fitted with an after-market AVON fairing and also on-show at Garage Classics.

HONDA - The British Motorcycle industry had begun to suffer greatly due to lack of investment, bad management, and labour problems. At precisely this time, Honda produced their world-beating CB 750 a bike with innovation, power, speed, an oil-tight engine, sophistication and affordability which proceeded to win in all forms of motorcycling sport.? It could be said, given the Honda CB 750s credentials, that it is perhaps the most significant motorcycle of all time literally revolutionising motorcycling worldwide.

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400 Kororoit Creek Road,  Williamstown North 3016, Victoria, Australia. View Map Map opens in new browser window
Telephone: (03) 9391 7559 / 0417 368 058
Map: 55 Ref: D7

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