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Fitzroy Gardens (East Melbourne)

Fitzroy Gardens has a range of activities and attractions including Cooks’ Cottage, a Tudor Village, the Fairy Tree, dragon playground, fountains, sculptures and the Conservatory.

Cooks Cottage is a memorial to Captain James Cook, the discoverer of the east coast of Australia. The cottage which was used by the Cook family was transported from Yorkshire to Victoria in 253 packing cases and arrived in April, 1934. The cottage has been restored as accurately as possible to its mid 18th century appearance.

The Conservatory, which copies the Spanish mission architectural style, opened in 1930 and provides spectacular floral displays. There are five separate displays each year. Near the Conservatory is the Statue of Meditation, a statue of a draped form in marble.

Ola Cohn's Fairies Tree, comprising a series of lovely carvings on the stump of one of the original Red Gum trees in the Fitzroy Gardens, is well over 300 years in age. The tree contains carvings of fairies, dwarfs, gnomes, jackass, koalas, flying foxes and a range of typical Australian animals and birds.

Sinclair's cottage is a rare example of an Italian Romanesque style as adopted for a gardener's cottage for James Sinclair and his family to live in.

There are a range of wonderful sculptures including "Boy on the Turtle", a bronze sculpture of a child astride the back of a turtle located in the lower lake in the Gardens. The heavy sculpture was stolen from the Fitzroy Gardens in March, 1977 but was recovered by the Victorian Police, two and a half years later abandoned in a car park in Richmond.

The sculptures "Boy and Pelican" and "Mermaid and Fish" are mounted on sandstone gate posts at the Hotham Street entrance to the Gardens.

The Conservatory Fountain (Boy with Serpent) is located near the rear entrance to the Conservatory. There stands a cast-iron ornamental fountain featuring a snake coiled around the figure of a boy, atop a granite shaped ball.

The "Dolphin Fountain" consists of a pyramid of granite boulders upon which are mounted assorted sea creatures - dolphins, octopus, crabs, sea birds, sea horses, starfish, turtles and shrimps.

The statue of Diana and the Hounds, the work of W. Leslie-Bowles is located outside the Conservatory.

The "Grey Street Fountain" opposite Grey Street on the east side of the Gardens is one of the oldest fountains to be found in Melbourne's Gardens. It was first commenced in 1863 and the concept incorporated a pool 30 m long and a central cluster of rocks, from the midst of which water was thrown up to a height of nearly 15 m in a solid jet.

The "People's Path" consists of 10,000 ceramic tiles decorated by Victorians on the opening day in February, 1978 of the Arts Victoria '78 Crafts Festival. The decorations on the tiles reflect the diversity of backgrounds and ages of those who took part in Arts Victoria '78. They range from detailed drawings and intricate patterns to symbolism, graffiti and obscure personal messages. The 10,000 decorated tiles are supplemented by 10,000 plain tiles. The tiles form a unique garden walkway in the north-west corner of the Gardens.

The River God fountain which comprises the figure of a man on bended knee bearing an open clam shell on his shoulders was one of the first major pieces in the gardens.

The Scarred tree is a reminder Wurundjeri Aboriginal people that lived in the area before European settlement of Melbourne. Scarred trees are trees which have had bark removed by indigenous Australians for the creation of canoes, shelters, shields and containers. Bark was removed by making deep cuts in a tree with a stone axe. The area of bark removed is typically regular in shape, often with parallel sides and slightly pointed or rounded ends, and the scar usually stops above ground level.

The Tudor Village is a series of model buildings which represent a typical Kentish village built during the "Tudor" period of English history. The village is composed of various thatched cottages, a village church, school, hotel, barns, stocks, pump, and all public buildings which make up one of the delightful villages. Also included is a scale model of Shakespeare's home and Anne Hathaway’s cottage.

The Gardens also have a wonderful playground with dragon slide and giraffe swing.

Note: There are no BBQs or picnic tables in the Fitzroy Gardens.


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