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Blue Lotus Water Garden (Yarra Junction)

Attractions include:

The Garden - The Blue Lotus Water Garden is a tropical style water garden spread over 15 acres featuring two lakes, three dams and dozens of ponds all planted with tens of thousands of Lotus flowers, water lilies and other rare, exotic and native plants. Access around the garden is via well maintained paths connected via ornate bridges with plenty of shady shelters and seating to take in the views.

Giant Amazon Lily - See the World's largest water lilies Victoria cruziana & Victoria amazonica with giant lily pads that regularly grow over 4ft in diameter and can grow large enough to support the weight of a small child. If you're here on the right day you may see the giant lily in flower. The plant produces huge flowers over 30cm in size that open white then gradually turn pink before dying within 48 hours.

Our new Amazon House is a purpose built glasshouse that replicates the plants natural environment in the tropics of South America and features many other rare tropical plants.

Little Yarra Adventure Trail - Explore and learn about our own patch of native rain forest along the banks of the Little Yarra River. You will see huge Gum Trees up to 100ft tall plus many other beautiful native ferns and plants. You may even spot a platypus playing in the river or a koala having a nap in the branch of a tree. The trail features educational boards, well maintained paths and seating, ornate bridges, viewing platforms and boardwalks.

Crocodile Pavilion - See the huge Euryale ferox lily that produces massive spiny leaves with barbs and spikes on both sides. That's why we have named it the "Crocodile Plant" because if you touch it, it bites you! The Euryale ferox is a native lily from the tropics of Eastern Asia and produces beautiful flowers. In India the locals cook and eat the seed that's said to be like popcorn.

Night Lily House - If you’re visiting the garden on a cloudy or rainy day, then the Night Lily House will amaze you. See some of the most beautiful flowers on earth that only open when the light conditions are low or at night. Be amazed at the collection of rare night flowering water lilies and other plants you won’t see anywhere else.

Oga Lotus Garden - The ancient Oga Lotus was around during the dinosaurs but disappeared until Dr Ichiro Oga found 3 seeds during an archaeological dig in the Hanamigawa River, Chiba, Japan in 1951. Dr Oga germinated one of these seeds believed to be 2000 years old or the oldest known lotus in the world. We germinated seed progeny of this Oga Lotus and planted it in a Japanese style garden.

Winch House - Mr Charles Winch was one of the world's foremost breeders of tropical water lilies. For over 70 years he bred over 600 different hybrid water lilies at his property in NSW. His tropical hybrids are signified by large colourful flowers and amazing variegated leaves. At the garden we have dedicated an entire glass house to Mr Winch's beautiful lilies.

Opening Hours:

The Open season typically covers between Boxing Day in December and the first Sunday in April.
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2628 Warburton Highway,  Yarra Junction 3797, Victoria, Australia. View Map Map opens in new browser window
Telephone: (03) 5967 2061
Map: 288 Ref: H8

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