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Morwell Tenpins (WynCity Morwell)

If you’re looking for a great time out then head to the Morwell Tenpins. Bumper bowling is ideal for kids with no more gutter balls or try exciting glow bowling with moonlight coloured pins (contact for days and times). Wheelchair accessible and ramps available to assist in bowling.

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48 Chickerell Street,  Morwell 3840, Victoria, Australia. View Map Map opens in new browser window
Telephone: (03) 5134 6450
Map: X928 Ref: D7

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Claire Moran      Posted:    8:45 AM June 30, 2016

Freedom of speech and a passion about speaking up for those less fortunate is not an attack on anyones business. It's a person's right to ensure the disabled are treated with equality and fairness. The owners bitter response in exposing someone's 'skeletons in their closet' is a true reflection on the person/ people they are. Not a great response from the owners. Thought maybe an apology to those involved would be a better way to go about it. I hope the disabled bowlers get to bowl again!
Doriana      Posted:    9:31 PM June 28, 2016

Social media can be so awful when used for the wrong reason... I can't believe how one person's comment can be shared 3000 times in order to defame a company and family without anyone bothering to find out the truth. Even a couple of people who I considered friends shared the post. People who have skeletons in their closet which could have some very embarrassing repercussions Anyway.. we are sorting it out and I hope the truth will prevail. My family have always been very giving and generous- I don't need accolades, medals or recognition. and I'll continue to help less privileged silently. I hope the starter of this hateful campaign is ashamed.
Jodi Dowell      Posted:    6:45 PM June 28, 2016

Such a shame the way that these new owners have treated regular customers. Disabled or not, common sense would tell you that a league of bowlers-40 regular bowlers- is a weekly income guaranteed! Will be interesting to see if party bookings even happen after this blatant disregard for the locals...perhaps put all your time and effort into your other wyncity centres. I know a lot of people most certainly won't be supporting you!
Kelly      Posted:    9:45 AM June 27, 2016

Utter disgrace! Will not be using a wyncity establishment EVER!!
Kelly      Posted:    9:22 PM June 26, 2016

The power of social media!!! Shame on you wyncity. I for one will NEVER step foot in, nor recommended wyncity to anyone ever!! My daughter's party is booked for 2 weeks time. But guess what??? I'd rather spend my money elsewhere. The disabled are people too- they matter!!
Terri      Posted:    6:02 PM June 26, 2016

Absolutely disgusting, it is discrimination at its worst, placing this group -The Happy Achievers Bowling League- at a distinct disadvantage. You very seriously need to reconsider this action. I also will be contacting the Disability Administration of Victoria.
leanne webb      Posted:    3:52 PM June 26, 2016

News of they way you have treated valued customers is getting around SHAME ON YOU posted from ex patron now living in tasmania..word of mouth is a powerful sword.
Tracy Harris      Posted:    1:46 PM June 26, 2016

'Wheelchair accessible and ramps available to assist in bowling'. How amusing that you advertise this on your site, and yet, with only one weeks notice, you plan to force an established league for disabled bowlers to either change to a much earlier time or be disbanded. These people are generally far more 'family oriented' than occasional party goers, people who often drop their usually inadequately supervised children for other patrons to deal with. Totally disgusted by your discriminatory decision. I recommend reversing it. My son is part of a social bowling group for autistic teens, fortunately our bowling centre is very warm and welcoming.
Pat      Posted:    12:58 PM June 26, 2016

Not the way to do business word gets around. How many will go to the birthday parties. And shouldn't all kids be taught to respect all Some sometime postive feed back out ways the bad if you change your mind I'm sure a lot will spread the good word.
Graeme Wilson      Posted:    11:14 AM June 26, 2016

What sort of uncaring business decision is it that disadvantages 40 disabled children in favour of the opportunity to host the odd children's party? Surely a regular income is better than taking pot luck with casual bookings. This is the sort of inhumane decision that is seen all too regularly in society today. Compassion should take precedence over profit. A Current Affair will love this story!
Julie howard      Posted:    10:05 AM June 26, 2016

Shame on you! I live in Queensland and have heard what you're doing with Saturdays disability league. They bowled happily on a Saturday 25 years ago when we lived in Morwell and took our son there to bowl who is not disabled. I will personally from here be contacting the minister for disabilities and your local member of Parliament! You tell these families how they get their loved one ready for bowling by 9am, you obviously haven't considered the needs of these special humans! You should be ashamed of yourselves, all about the bottom dollar, not people having fun. You are relying on this group to give up. What you don't realize is that where there'sa man that has no voice,THERE I WILL GO SINGING! Do the human thing,do what's right and change this situation!
Gail branch      Posted:    9:37 AM June 26, 2016

You should be sued for discrimination I hope everyone boycotts your venue if I was there I would.
X      Posted:    11:47 PM June 25, 2016

There is a disability bowling league that has been run at the Morwell bowling alley (now Wyncity) for nearly 30 years - run by the same group of parents that started it all those years ago. The Happy Achievers Bowling League. Every Saturday at 2pm. If ever you want to meet or see a group of joyous, happy people, then that is the place to be! There are 40 or so bowlers in 14 teams that bowl week after week and most love bowling as it is the one of the only things they look forward to every week. Many family members come along and are involved. It makes me smile every time I hear It is "team spirit" at its best! I'm sharing about this as things are about to change. Morwell tenpins has new owners who are about to put a spanner in the works! We were informed today (25/6/16) that next week will be our last week of "Happy achievers"¯ at the 2pm timeslot. We are now to move to a 9.30am time or fold. One weeks notice! It looks like the league will fold as this time is not suitable for many or any involved. No negotiation, no other options given. The explanation given is that children's birthday parties are to take priority over our league and she wants it to be a "family oriented" venue.
Kerry      Posted:    10:46 PM June 25, 2016

I am absolutely disgusted with your decision to cancel the 2pm Saturday disability league that has been operating for many decades. Cancelled so that you can replace them with birthday parties. 1 weeks notice is a ridiculously short amount of time, especially with many of the league members do not cope with sudden change. But what do you care? Not one bit. I shall never set foot in there again. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME

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