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Lots of articles on ideas for kids birthdays including games. Note that this is a US based site.

Articles include:

Kids Birthday Party Ideas
Here are some kids birthday party ideas for you. Implementing these with your own ideas is sure to make a fun-fulled party for celebration of your kid's birthday.

Car Party Ideas
Looking for some cool car party ideas for your kid's next birthday? Then you have come to the right page, since the article given below provides some guidelines on arranging a car birthday party.

Kids Birthday Party Places
Need ideas for kids birthday party places? When it comes to kids birthday party, let there be a surprise element as to the place where you would celebrate his/her birthday. Read on to know more about the best birthday party locations for kids.

Birthday Party Ideas for 2 Year Old
Your bundle of joy is turning two and you want to make this day a memorable one. So, here are some wonderful birthday party ideas for 2 year old which will help you in making the party fun for the toddlers.

Birthday Party Ideas for Toddlers
Birthday party themes for kids are getting more and more unique and original. If you are looking for special birthday party ideas for toddlers then read on...

1st Birthday Party Ideas on a Budget
Planning the first birthday party for your little one, especially on a budget, can be both exciting and frightening. Don't worry, this simple step by step guide should make it easy for you.

1st Birthday Party Ideas for Twins
1st birthday party ideas for twins need to be thought of well. It is not an ordinary party. It is the first party that the two of them will celebrate together. So, it ought to be good, right? Well, check out these ideas!

1st Birthday Party Ideas for Girls
1st birthday party ideas for girls, from themes to decorations, encompass a multitude of options that would leave any parent confused. Here are a few to get the party planning started...

Food for Toddlers Birthday Party
Delicious food items make some of the great birthday parties. There are a number of food ideas for toddler birthday party. But the most important thing while planning these food items is, to prepare food items that are easy to prepare and eat. Read on to know more on, food for toddlers birthday party...

Birthday Party Games for Toddlers
It's you child's third birthday and you want to make it really special. To make the birthday party fun for all the little children, it is necessary to arrange some birthday party games for toddlers, along with the food. So, if you are looking for birthday party games ideas, this article will give you some that your child and his friends will enjoy.

Tween Birthday Party Ideas
Tween are kids roughly in the age group of eight to twelve years. This means that they are neither very small kids, nor teenagers. The tween birthday party activities are always carried out with great enthusiasm by inviting all near and dear ones. This article provides some fabulous tween birthday party ideas, themes, cards, party places, cake ideas, food ideas, gift ideas, games and favors which will guarantee you complete fun and entertainment.

First Birthday Party Ideas
Celebrating your baby's first birthday party is one of the most exciting events in the life of the parents of the baby. Read this article to get some fabulous first birthday party ideas, which can make the day special for you and the baby.

1st Birthday Party Ideas
The firsts are always special. The first time your baby walks, the first words, the first trick, etc. Same goes for the first birthday. Celebrate your child's birthday with our 1st birthday party ideas.

Birthday Goody Bag Ideas
No birthday can be complete without those small goody bags filled with cute and exciting gift items for young children. Find out some birthday goody bag ideas with this article...

Birthday Cakes for Kids
There is almost nothing as lip-smacking and inviting as a tasty cake. And when it is a birthday cake, well, I need not say more, otherwise I would forget what to write and run away to grab a piece of cake! Nevertheless, I am not going to do that. Infact, if you want to get tempted into knowing some ideas on birthday cakes for kids, read on!

Fancy Dress Costume Ideas
Fancy dress costume parties can be a whole lot of fun if you manage to assemble the right costume. Here are some interesting fancy dress costume ideas that can help you select one that is convenient and suits your personality as well.

Kids Birthday Parties
Planning a birthday party for kids is not as easy as it sounds. Read on to find out more...

Birthday Party Ideas for Kids - Beach Party
Interested in a truly unique birthday party idea for your kids that will create lasting memories? Transport your house into a tropical paradise for the ultimate beach-themed birthday party.

Birthday Party Ideas for Kids - Construction Party
Interested in a birthday party idea for your kids that will create lasting memories, and not break the bank in the process? Your kids will love our unique take on a construction-themed birthday party.

Creative Party Ideas For Birthdays
Kids of any age are always begging for a birthday party with all the works. Find some fun and creative ideas that you can use each year to keep the party fun for everyone.

How to Celebrate Your Baby's First Birthday
Your baby’s first birthday is a day filled with celebration, joy, and pride. Celebrate that day in a way that it fills treasured memories in your hearts and in the days to follow.

Birthday Party Ideas for Kids - Karaoke Party
Interested in birthday party ideas for your kids that will create lasting memories? Mix karaoke with a rock star theme to create a birthday party experience your kids will never forget.

Birthday Party Ideas for Kids - Movie Premiere
Interested in birthday party ideas for your kids that will create lasting memories? Discover how to turn a movie party theme into a spectacular performance!

Birthday Party Ideas for Kids - Dance Club
Interested in birthday party ideas for your kids that will create lasting memories? Discover the surprise twist in this tried and tested kids’ dance birthday party.

Must Have Tips For Throwing A Fabulous Children's Party
Party planning, children's parties, the party goddess, invitations, goodie bags, menu options, birthdays...

Kid Parties in Austin Texas have Caterers too
A niche in the Austin Texas catering business is thriving; kid parties! These may include birthdays, sport teams, or maybe an end-of-the-school-season party. Whatever the reason, Austin Texas caterers will supply your every need.

Children's Birthday Party Recipes
Fun and fantastic recipes for children's birthday parties.

Planning a Child's Birthday Party on a Budget
You don't have to overspend in order to throw a fun and memorable birthday party for your child follow these simple tips to get started.

1st Birthday Party Ideas
When you have a baby, you want to do your best to make every moment of their lives precious and special. It is very easy to show your love and affection when your child is celebrating their birthday.

Planning your child’s birthday party, get a limo hire company to do it for you!
Stuck for something to do for your child's birthday? Check out the latest models of stretch limo's available in a variety of styles and packages- guaranteed to minimise your stress and give your child a memorable birthday.

Kid Birthday Party Ideas - Forum
Your child's birthday party is coming up and you need ideas ! Ideas for a fun theme, ideas for a cake, games, activities, decorations - and more. A birthday party forum just for kid's birthday parties is the perfect place to get the ideas and suggestions you need to put together a fun party for your child.

How to Face Paint at Your Kids Birthday Parties
Don’t want to spend $150 per hour to hire a face painter for your kids birthday parties? I don’t blame you. Not when you can learn how to face paint yourself and have fun while doing it! Here are some important tips that you must read before face painting at your kids birthday parties.

Great Home Birthday Party Ideas for Kids
Hosting your child's birthday party at home? Follow these tips for a fun, stress-free celebration.

Fun Kid Birthday Party Ideas - 7 Steps To Success
Your child's birthday is a very important day for your child. You want their day to be fun and you want them to feel very special. You may be surprised to learn that all it takes for you to put together a really memorable birthday party for your child is a little fun creativity mixed with a measure of organization.

Everything You Need To Know About Planning Your Child's First Birthday Celebration!
Everything you need to know about organizing a first birthday party for your little one! Helpful tips for planning every detail from the beginning to the end of his or her special day.

Kids Party Etiquette 101
As any parent knows, birthday parties are more than just fun and games. They are one of a child's first introductions to social situations and, as such, raise delicate etiquette issues for kids and parents alike.

Top Five Kids' Birthday Party Must Knows
When it comes to kids birthday parties being in the know what it counts the most!

Want To Supercharge Your Kid Birthday Party Game Ideas?
Here are 5 totally fun ways to SUPERCHARGE your games so that even the most ordinary game will be super fun. Plus I'm going to give you an exclusive Birthday Movie Adventure activity that will get your child and their guests really excited.

Discover Kid Birthday Party Game Ideas For Quiet Time
Here are two "secrets" you must learn that will quickly return peace and quiet to your home following your child's birthday party. These two simple strategies will completely change the way your child's party will end.

First Birthday Party Idea - Making Wonderful Memories
Preserve the wonderful memories of your child's first year with these fun first birthday party ideas that are sure to become precious family keepsakes.

Creating a Child's Birthday Scrapbook
Learn how to create a scrapbook of any childs party, which will include invitations, a picture of each guest and all of the greeting cards.

Tea Party Etiquette - Birthday Fun For Your Child
A Birthday Tea Party is a wonderful opportunity for your birthday child and her party guests to not only have a lot of fun, but to learn proper manners as well.

Kid Birthday Party Supply - Delivered Right To Your Home
Stay at home and have some fun browsing through the online party superstores wonderful selections. You'll even discover some creative ideas and the latest products that will help you put together a birthday party your child will fondly remember for years to come.

Why Do We Celebrate Fun Birthdays?
Do you know why we celebrate fun birthdays? This article explains the history and some myths surrounding birthdays.

How to Host a Superb Kid Birthday Party!
An informative article about your next kid birthday party, including what to organize and what to look out for to host a successful children's party.

Taking Great Birthday Party Pictures
Here's a great kid birthday party idea... Get all your cameras ready well in advance so when your child blows out the candles on that very special cake, you'll be more than ready to capture the moment on film or video... Who knows, that shot could turn out to be a wonderful family heirloom!

Birthday Video - Turn Your Child's Party Video Into A Fun Music Video
Why throw your precious birthday video in dusty closet and forget about it when you can turn that priceless footage into a fun music video that's sure to become a treasured keepsake.

Kid Birthday Party Game Ideas - 7 Proven Winners
Get your child's birthday party the right way with these fun Kid birthday party game ideas that will keep them busy and keep them laughing.

Incredibles Kid Birthday Party Idea
Your birthday child and all their party guests will have a superhero fun time with the Incredibles kid birthday party idea.

Stress Free Kids Birthday Parties
Planning kid birthday parties can be an overwhelming task. This simple guide helps you see beyond the fantasy and need for party perfection. Learn how to implement a few easy steps for a successful kids party which is manageable and stress-free.

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