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Bayview Park Pirate Playground, Alamanda Boulevard, Point Cook

Welcome to Fear Factor - a special slide which starts from a hill with a huge Pirate Ship and is frighteningly steep! The slide has had a controversial history because it caused a few broken legs. Since that time it has been modified but care needs to be taken. Sitting at the top of the slide certainly causes some fear and trepidation because the slide is so steep and long. Even though it is a fast ride down, the actual ride is not too scary although there is a certain amount of flailing arms and legs at the bottom. A few rules - do not climb up the slide the wrong way, use the slide facing forwards feet first with arms tucked, one person at a time and do not ride on someone's lap and finally wait until the slide is empty before sliding down. Pirates always like to play safe.

A walkway leads to the main deck of the pirate ship with ladders and another walkway leading to the crows nest. If you want to reach the upper deck, where three cannons are pointed threateningly over Point Cook, there is a ladder or scrambling walls. For the captain of the mighty ship there is a steering wheel at the stern (which landlubbers call the back) of the ship. On the sides of the ship are various rope ladders and slides (for practice before making the biggest plunge of all down the massive hill).

At the bottom of the hill is a small wavy slide, birds nest swing and a medium sized rope climbing pyramid. Under a shade sail is a sandpit with digger and sand play equipment.

There is a basketball / netball court. Shelter with two tables and BBQ, five unshaded tables, water tap and small grassy area.


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Cnr Alamanda Boulevard and Island Way,  Point Cook 3030, Victoria, Australia. View Map Map opens in new browser window
Map: 207 Ref: H9

  Reader Feedback  

Nick      Posted:    6:41 PM October 2, 2015

I am sad that it got burnt down but I know that is going to be rebuilt the same and it was a 16 year old teen that burnt it at the night
Ngapaki      Posted:    5:24 PM September 29, 2014

My son and grandson loved that park, devastation is how we feel, people have no respect for public fun, a BIG shame :(
ashleigh      Posted:    5:46 PM September 20, 2014

I am a kid 9 years old i am sad they would do this they dont think that they will hurt kids feeling to i am sad that they are not going rebuild the ship they have money but i have a feeling it wont be as good as before it will never be the same i only wish i went there more often before it burnt down before that person did this i can only remember and look at the pictures of me there to remember that park
warren      Posted:    4:48 PM September 7, 2014

This is an awesome park, its somewhere both children and adults can enjoy them selves, pity more councils don't build parks like this, I drive 2.5 hours just to see my girls enjoy themselves (and I get to play also!!!)
Why:(      Posted:    4:36 PM September 3, 2014

This park has burnt down by a couple of stupid teenagers. They burnt everything so there is no longer a pirate park :(, but ive been there and its great i cant believe it gone now
Z      Posted:    8:57 AM September 2, 2014

Ship at this playground was burnt down last night. So sad for the local kids and kids who visit and play there.
Jason Peucker      Posted:    3:08 PM May 6, 2014

I took all 12 of my siblings to this playgroud and they all had a rocking time, everyone including the youngest (4) went down this slide by themselves and no one go injured at all it was great :D
Bek      Posted:    9:00 PM January 3, 2014

Before this park was sign posted for "older kids" my daughter broke her leg on this. My older child broke his arm. This slide is very dangerous. We had our story in the paper and another 5 parents come forward with their children and broken bones also. No adequate safety RAS around the pirate ship so if you go over the edge it's going to be very damaging. This park is pathetic in my eyes .
Where      Posted:    11:17 AM November 12, 2013

A park with no toilet is not helpful. As soon as a child needs to go to the toilet, you have to get in the car and drive around trying to find one. Make sure you discover where the closest toilets are prior to attending this park.
kaitlyn      Posted:    5:51 PM January 22, 2013

I love this park but when you go down the giant slide you all ways get an electric shock :<
Dan      Posted:    5:39 PM April 14, 2012

What can I say kid friendly,BBQ ,basketball court and much more I will always remember this place it's fantastic
Luigi      Posted:    5:28 PM October 3, 2011

We're going there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
May Fam      Posted:    8:31 AM March 14, 2011

We visited here yesterday for a family bbq. It was great and even the little kids loved the slide. (!!!) Only 2 complaints: for the unfit or otherwise busy parents, the ship on top is a long way up (hard to supervise for littlies) and there are no toilets. Otherwise, it has lovely big, shady trees, grassy areas and free bbqs. If the rain hadn't set in, we'd have sat back and stayed for a few more hours.
btamamura      Posted:    10:20 PM January 13, 2011

Played here when I stayed with my older cousin. I went down the slide six times and highly enjoyed it. As for my younger second-cousins, they had to go down with their parents. Funny times there, my cousin nearly got stuck (like Homer Simpson) while his fiancee had no troubles and even went down with someone else's child. I highly anticipate returning to this playground so that I may go on that slide many more times.

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