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LEGO Educational Centre (Docklands)

The LEGO Education Centre offers fantastic fun for kids who are 3 years and up and provides exciting robotics opportunities for those 10 years and up. A number of different activities are available including weekly workshops and holiday activities. There are also:

Buddy Builders - "Make it Go"
Ages 3+ and parent
LEGO Education activities provide preschoolers the opportunity to explore and develop ideas by creating with their hands. They will have fun together with a parent while stimulating their
personal, social and emotional development. Five "Make it Go" lessons will guide your child's development in creative thinking and problem solving.

Sunday Funday
Ages 4 - 99+
Come along with a buddy, daddy or even nanna to have some serious building fun. Each Sunday has a different theme.

Book any LEGO Party with 10 or more children and the Birthday child will receive a free LEGO gift and every child will receive a LEGO brick name tag to keep. We create a party atmosphere with birthday candles on a LEGO brick .
We all know that sticky fingers and LEGO do not mix so unfortunately food is not provided nor permitted inside the shop.

Some suggested party themes are:
Age 4-6
Fantasy Fun
Explore the lands of Pirates, Kings, dragons, Princesses and Fairies. Build and create a fantasy land full of surprises. Be a Pirate, Kinght, Fairy or Princessand play a party game. A LEGO name badge for all makes this a special birthday celebration.
Wacky Wheels
Your friends will go wild creating their own Wacky Wheeled Vehicles. Make your car go the fastest by adding a motor. The party includes a LEGO gift for the birthday child and cool LEGO name badges for all to keep
Crazy Tech Machines
LEGO stories, games and remote controlled machines makes this party more fun than you can imagine. Build bridges, tall towers and create your own vehicle with Tech Machines that you control. A LEGO gift is also a highight for the birthday child and name badge for the guests.

Age 7-9
Medieval Madness
Let the quest begin at your Medieval Party. Build LEGO Knights and castles. Enjoy the fairytale land of Princesses. Build a fortress to protect the Kingdom from fire breathing dragons. A LEGO name badge for all and a gift for the birthday child makes this a party to remember!
Journey Into Space
Create your own outer space LEGO world including aliens, spaceships and UFO's. You may even encounter a Star Wars character on your journey. A LEGO gift for the birthday child and cool LEGO name badges for all makes this party out of this world!
Building Bots (max 12)
Build an amazing model that can be programmed and controlled through motors, sensors and a computer. Choose some MONKEY BUSINESS, CROCBOT or ROBOSOCCER. Take home a LEGO brick name badge and gift for the birthday child as well as having Serious Fun!

Age 10+
Mad Raging Robots (max 12)
Have a blast programming and controlling your LEGO NXT Mindstorms Robots. Enjoy dressing up dancing Boogie Bots or create a Space Rover to navigate around the planet. LEGO name badges for all are a high light. Birthday child receives a LEGO gift.
LEGO Grand Prix
Explore how to create an energy efficient LEGO car to compete in your birthday LEGO Grand Prix. Watch the cars race when the checked flag is dropped. A LEGO gift for the birthday child and a LEGO name badge for all is a treat.
LEGO Movie Making
Invite your friends to join you to build movie sets with LEGO. Film your movie, add sound effects to create a real blockbuster. Choose from themes such as Pirate Island, Fairy Fun, The Lost Tomb. A LEGO gift for the birthday child and a LEGO name badge for all makes it a special day.


Party Details and Costs


Yet to be reviewed.

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Address | Contact

5/439 Docklands Drive,  Docklands 3008, Victoria, Australia. View Map Map opens in new browser window
Telephone: (03) 9602 1116
Map: 2E Ref: D4

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Link LEGO Educational Centre

Link LEGO Education Learning Centre - Brought to you by Moore Educational on Facebook

  Reader Feedback  

Leigh      Posted:    11:14 AM September 15, 2014

Interesting comments, I am looking at starting a Lego store in a diff State but we will have a food area and a Duplo area and a lego area and a technic area... to keep everyone happy. Will also have a washing area (maybe) to wash the bricks, not the kids.
legolove      Posted:    9:21 PM July 12, 2014

Sounds disappointing. We once went to a Lego party (when they were in Moonee Ponds, Hall Street) and I was kind of shocked there wasn't food and had a plastic cake (GASP!), which we all sang Happy Birthday around. Pretty sad isn't it? But we had fun otherwise. No drinks or food allowed and by golly, I want a coffee and talk to other parents/guardians. It's a party, not a sterile playdate. A Lego party there and then food elsewhere becomes quite a costly affair. I hope they're listening
Amanda      Posted:    7:10 AM April 14, 2014

Sounds great! Will definitely check it out! Appalled to the comments. People can be so harsh. If the place doesn't suit, simple, don't go! Half of these people haven't even been there!!!! No food policy- great! We can eat afterwards, no big deal. It's not Mc Donald's, it's a Lego centre. And frankly it makes sense to have no food there. If you like Lego, then go, if u are just going to criticize because you want to be ignorant and arrogant, then rant on, but you sound ridiculous.
T Townsend      Posted:    3:40 PM April 9, 2014

The Lego Learning centre sounds absolutely pathetic-I put it all down to poor management!I am on holiday from South Africa and was planning on visiting because my son asked me to have a look as he is Lego mad.I won't bother now.It sounds like an awful place.It's amazing how poor management can mess things up.I have seen it all of my life.
Briony      Posted:    9:24 AM March 30, 2014

I too was going to take the kids on the school holidays. But not after the comments here. Sticky fingers and lego? Of course they don't mix. But I have a five year old Lego-obsessed boy, a 20mth old girl (who is already building) and the biggest Lego collection of anyone that we know. It is immaculately clean. Why? Because the kids respect the Lego and know they have to clean their hands after eating. We even have a saying in our house now: "Lego clean?" Which means "have you cleaned your hands well enough that you could play Lego?" Would it be that hard to initiate a "clean hands properly after eating" policy? My son's kindergarten has Lego and it is immaculate as well. Make it fun and part of the play, and both kids and parents will be happy to comply in order to look after the lego properly. Sounds like this place just doesn't like kids.
Danni      Posted:    4:25 AM January 13, 2014

Won't be going there after hearing these comments!
Kerry      Posted:    10:08 AM November 29, 2013

What a shame. I was going to take the kids in a few weeks but wont be going now that's for the comments I hope they're reading them.
Lisa      Posted:    2:45 PM September 30, 2013

Was planning to visit but, after the comments posted we wont bother.
mooneymum      Posted:    9:48 AM September 22, 2013

Had my son's 5th birthday party there and everytime I came to sort and prepare things before hand, they were always unfriendly and short. On the day of the party, there were no smiles for my son or the guests. They told off my gf who had 16 month old twins for eating a strawberry while in their pram because of their no food policy and because they didn't want to clean it up afterwards"? um, it's you job to keep the store tidy?!?! and what damage would 16 month old girls do while in their pram?? Not going back again.
LegoMum      Posted:    6:33 PM July 10, 2012

Thanks everyone for your comments. I too was looking to hold my sons 7th Birthday there and was surprised about the NO FOOD policy. What is a party without food. Won't even be going to check it out.
ICannon      Posted:    9:07 PM July 6, 2012

Disappointing. No customer service. Bad attitudes. Disorganised. Rude. Don't go spending money here. They won't like it if you try.
Happy LEGO Mum      Posted:    2:55 PM February 8, 2012

If you want to have some real fun with LEGO check out They run great LEGO clubs and even do LEGO parties in your home.
nickynoo      Posted:    4:48 PM June 19, 2011

We went to the new Docklands Lego Education Centre for 'Funday Sunday'. For a supposedly fun place there are a lot of rigid rules and no smiles or great attitude on any staff. One of those places where things are just too much trouble and designed to make it easy on the staff rather than the customers. They could only be surviving as a business because it is Lego. What great potential and opportunity this is, but totally wasted. Not surprising Sunday Funday was quiet as. We were hoping to have our 7th birthday there. We love Star Wars and Ninjago but we can't have a party themed with either of these. Why wouldn't you create party themes that matched popular Lego products/sets?? And no food allowed even though they have a great set up with two separate rooms, one which is used for the party and the other for 'education sessions' which are obviously not on when there is a party on so hard to see why that is not possible. Apparently 'sticky fingers and lego don't mix' which is pretty reflective of the whole atmosphere. Kind of like going to your aunty's who puts plastic on the lounge before you get to sit down. And in anycase surely you would try to get some kind of partnership going

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