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Campbelltown Miniature Passenger Railway (Narre Warren North)

There are two rides at the complex, the boulder mountain ride and the cavalier ride. Children under the age of three are free. Riding on the trains, the passengers will pass through a countryside of lakes, hills and forests of pines and willows.The Campbelltown Miniature Railway also has playgrounds to entertain the children, and parkland suitable for picnics and parties.

Opening Hours:

Open every Sunday, Wednesday during the school holidays and on public holidays.
11 am - 5 pm


Boulder Mountain ride costs $4.50 per person. Cavalier Ride costs $6.00 per person. Children under the age of three are free.



I have seen a few reviews which describe the owners as grumpy and unfriendly who yell and blow their whistle at the kids. Based on our experience, grumpy, abrupt and unfriendly is not too far off the mark.

The advertising material states "the passengers will pass through a countryside of lakes, hills and forests of pines and willows". A huge dollop of artistic license was used here. The lake seems to be a duck pond and the location is flat as a pancake with not a hill in sight. We must have blinked and missed Boulder Mountain. The Boulder Mountain ride lasts about six minutes and the Cavalier ride a bit longer with two steam trains in action. Be on the lookout for overhanging branches towards the end of the ride.

There are four wooden picnic tables under some trees with water taps and there is a playground with a high wooden structure, a separate very fast metal slide, car tyre swing and small plastic slide. A sign above the playground says "Parents please watch your children. They are your responsibility". Never a truer word has been written because this playground was built before current safety and environmental standards were introduced. The toilets are rustic but clean. There are also two full size train carriages which you can wander through.

The cost of the rides is expensive compared with other locations and the ride is not very exciting compared to other miniature railways where there are tunnels, bridges, workshops and lots of other trains to captivate the kids.

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Address | Contact

434 Belgrave-Hallam Road,  Narre Warren North 3804, Victoria, Australia. View Map Map opens in new browser window
Telephone: (03) 9796 8481 (BH)
Map: 108 Ref: G4

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  Reader Feedback  

Belinda      Posted:    8:03 PM March 13, 2017

I read the review above and was a little concerned, but we took our 3 year old son here today and he loved it. We went on the Cavalier ride which is the longer ride of the two and it was a good 10-15 mins and very pleasant. The grounds are well kept with a rustic feel and the train didn't miss a beat. You can tell the owners care for their business and the trains. It was very quiet and no queues which is actually great when you have kids. My husband and I also enjoyed the relaxing ride. We were on the old V-Line and it can get up quite a pace. We will certainly be going back for another visit.
Mark Goodwin      Posted:    7:36 PM March 13, 2017

I seriously have a major problem with the first review on this site, obviously the clown that wrote it has a major problem with himself, I"ll be looking at having it removed, Our wonderful visit to this attraction was great ! the owners being very elderly,were a lovely old couple that were very kind and friendly, they were so hospitable I wish they were my mum and dad, love them dearly, the rides were great and I totally recommend this attraction for a visit, we will be returning very soon, and will even offer my assistance to this lovely old couple, god bless there beautiful hearts
Caro      Posted:    8:05 PM February 12, 2017

We took our 2 & 1/2 and 4 &1/2 year olds today and had a ball. The above review should be deleted as it has clearly been written by someone who thinks the attraction is for them and not their children. The owners were very friendly and the countryside was lovely. We will definitely be back.
Sarah Jane      Posted:    2:18 PM August 7, 2016

We bought our 2 year old here today and we really enjoyed our rides. The staff were super pleasant and seemed like friendly genuine people. The negative review above is from a cynical grumpy adult who has Cleary forgotten how to have fun! Take it for what it is and that's a short fun ride and entertainment for the kids. We will be back again for sure and will pack a picnic next time. Oh and prices were so cheap!!! $4.50 per ride! You can't get much for that these days so to see my daughter smile I think that's a brilliant price!
Eugene      Posted:    12:25 PM June 13, 2016

The first review shown above is not very accurate. The husband and wife owners were lovely, friendly, and engaging. Only one train was operational yesterday (Sun 12th June, 2016), but my two lads (8 yrs and 2 yrs) loved it so much that we rode it twice. It was a nice place, and we will definitely be back in spring to ride both trains!
Andrew      Posted:    11:46 PM January 25, 2016

Don't believe the main website review above! This is worth a visit. Went on the Sunday and was pleasantly surprised with this one. While prices are little more than others, there is no lengthy queues and there is enough to wander around and explore during your visit. I'd recommend the more lengthy / expensive trip option as your first as it is a very decent ride and will show you the entire layout. Very lush gardens (and it is not completely flat as others have suggested). There are birds / ducks next to the track and some vintage train signals as you travel - which makes it an interesting trip as you loop around the grounds. While the playground is 'old school', there is enough there to explore and fill out an hour or two (just make sure to bring your own food / snacks). If your kids are into trains (mine are under 6 and both had an enjoyable experience - even photos with the driver), this is a very worthy stop over on your way through the Dandenongs to see Puffing Billy (a nice low cost alternative if you decide not to / or unable to ride on PB). Having explored a few of the suggestions on this site - this is one of the better ones.
Justin G      Posted:    10:09 PM November 22, 2015

I ready this review and it scared me off for a few months but honestly, it turned out to be a nice gem. I have been to a few miniature railways and while this is the most expensive by far you can understand that by the size of land it's on and length. The longer course especially goes for 20min which is good value. The owners were friendly and clearly the driver has been doing this for a long long time. There were a lot of people there but no excessive queues (unlike Moorabbin) and lots of people were making a day out of it with cooking etc on the fields.
Joanne      Posted:    1:34 PM October 4, 2015

We love it here it reminds me of my childhood growing up in Emerald a little country town with Puffing Billy as our chilhood friend.I love the country feel of this place and Grandparents like hosts oh and our children love it too! Please please don't ever change a thing. Xo
Katherine      Posted:    4:24 PM December 12, 2014

We are just about to host our second birthday party here and can't wait. We have been here a number of times and find the staff lovely, knowledgeable and helpful.The kids love the train ride and there is plenty of space to run around, including in and out of the old carriages. Highly recommended for a quick visit or a relaxing picnic.
Michele      Posted:    7:51 AM November 23, 2014

My kids are begging me to take them back after going last week - I too found the owners lovely, the ride so scenic and pretty, and the kids love running around on the old train carriages in the play ground. Re above comment complaining there's nothing else to do there - it is a minutes drive from the stunning Lysterfield Lake and National Park - beautiful. I've moved locally and will be a regular visitor.
Stef      Posted:    11:03 AM October 27, 2014

We have been a few times and love it! The owners are so lovely!
Ian Whitehead      Posted:    1:47 PM September 28, 2014

Who runs this forum??? The review oat the top is a load of rubbish and totally misleading. It should be removed, WE went again today and it is FANTASTIC and the owners DELIGHTFUL. The elderly owner knows everything about trains, the BEST thing is that it is never crowded, We went to eltham and crpwds , lines , HUNDREDS of cars. YTHis palce you can always park and it is thye cheapest in melb and under 3s are FREE
smithy      Posted:    11:29 PM September 23, 2014

Love this place & the owners. Went as a child, now taking my own, who also love it. The couple are very friendly and polite.
Ali      Posted:    2:33 PM August 3, 2014

The train ride is good. Short but good. But apart from the train ride there is nothing else to do there. There are no BBQ facilities or similar. There is an old school playground, which is not very safe and children must be supervised. We spent about 30 minutes there and apart from having a short stroll around and watching and riding the train there is nothing else to do there. A bit disappointing as there are much better and a bit cheaper places with train rides.
joe      Posted:    10:33 AM June 22, 2014

As a young dad I have taken my little daughter who loves trains here several times,love the vintage feel, the train ride is better than several other miniature trains we have been on, longer and better scenery, the driver was great to respectful parents and kids (which if your kids cant be you should leave them at home) he even let her sit in the drivers chair and posed for photos. One thing to note though is the longer track only runs when it is busy (sunny days). The playground is very old school and does require parental supervision (its not a day care after all)but it is really about the trains
Andrew       Posted:    10:39 PM January 19, 2014

Had a lovely day out, staff were friendly and helpful. Our two-year old loved it and kept shouting out "choo choo" as we made our way around. Next time we will choose a sunny day and take a picnic along.
Dani      Posted:    3:50 PM January 9, 2014

We had a fantastic time here yesterday. The park was clean and peaceful and the owners very friendly. Yes, the facilities are a little rustic, but that adds to the charm and not every family wants to visit a super sanitised, imagination free plastic land. Enjoy this lovely attraction for what it is.
Kate wood      Posted:    12:36 PM January 8, 2014

My 2 yr old and I loved the train.. The bad review at the top is not anything to go by.the owners are lovely and very patient.
Kym Adams      Posted:    5:33 PM September 29, 2013

I can't understand why the person that wrote the first post was so negative, I took my family there today and it was great. The kids had a great time and loved the train ride, the owners were friendly and interacted with the kids. The playground was abit shabby, but we went there for the trains not the playground. all in all, a really nice peaceful atmosphere and a great place to visit and take some photos. For the price of the train rides they were long enough to be good value. Take a picnic lunch and you're kids will have a ball and have some great fun memories. 10/10
Kellie      Posted:    2:27 PM July 12, 2013

Fantastic Fun We called in to have a look and see if it would be suitable for our sons birthday. We were very impressed and ended up going for a ride on the train. All of the staff were lovely and very helpful. Colin and Nancy are beautiful friendly people with a great wealth of knowledge. Looking forward to our sons birthday party.
Ian Whitehead      Posted:    8:46 PM June 9, 2013

The anonymous review at the top is totally misleading. This place is GREAT! My name is Ian and I live in Upwey. We loved the ride and so did our 2yo boy , Daniel. We visited on 8 June 2013. When i met the owner She said she had heard about the bad review and said many people come just to see if they are " grumpy old buggers!" She is a delightful elderley lady. As for the next complaint from Mr or Mes anonymous, the ride is fantastic with wide open spaces, ponds and rocks. Its not a rip off like most things these days. It cost us $ 9 for 2 adults and our little boy. Beautiful picnic areas, old trains to wander through. The internet can give unbalanced impressions and as you can see most reviews are glowing so lets put mine at the top so as to be equitable and honest and support this beautiful old couple following their passion for trains!!!
Rebecca      Posted:    10:14 AM November 1, 2012

I read the first post and was really worried as i plan to go there on cup day next week - i have a 6 and nearly 2 year old...My friend went the other week and her little boy loved it, so after reading the other comments about how great it is, we will still be going!!! Cheers
Simon      Posted:    3:28 PM September 26, 2012

Took my parents and my 2 year old today and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The owners were delightful, except when a large family (about 15) tried to push people around to squeeze them all onto the train which was already loaded and nearly ready to depart. The parkland is beautiful and extremely well maintained, especially given that it's all done by two people. The two vintage train carriages make a great play space for children to give parents a bit of break time. More than happy to pay the fares they're asking. Highly recommended.
Andrea from Belgrave      Posted:    2:29 PM April 15, 2012

Completely agree with the positive reviews here and I think the main review should be deleted because it is just completely wrong. Maybe they were rude to the owners or their kids are obnoxious. We are local and have had many happy trips to the Campbelltown Miniature Railways with my son (age 8)and his friends. The couple who run it have been delightful every single time. They are always friendly to the kids and helpful to the parents. We have not had a single negative experience and we have been visiting for over four years now. Totally recommend it. (:
Karl      Posted:    10:44 PM April 4, 2012

A BIG thank you to Colin & Nancy for making our afternoon fantastic! My wife and I took our 2 year old son who absolutely loved it! We all had a lovely time and enjoyed talking to the very friendly owners. We'll be going again for sure!!!
rodger grummidge      Posted:    10:52 AM March 10, 2012

The campbelltown SECRET minature railway where customers are tolerated but certainly not encouraged. There are no opening times listed on their website. If you call by phone, there is a recorded message with no information whatsoever. Extraordinary!
Lisa      Posted:    12:50 AM February 2, 2012

The person who wrote that first review clearly has a bee in their bonnet & is no doubt difficult to please. We went to the Campbelltown miniature railway today and our kids had a ball. The owners were a lovely pleasant elderly couple who couldn't have been more friendly. We chatted to them for ages about their delightful miniature trains and they even gave the kids a free ride. We got to look inside their garage which contained lots of different miniature trains. My daughter who is seven said it was "awesome" and she wants to have her birthday party here. The playground was totally fine for our kids and all in all it was an immensely pleasant experience and not as commercial as a lot of other places have become. It makes me really angry and sad to read that first review now that i have been there.
Ness, Kam and Nazeem      Posted:    4:46 PM January 29, 2012

That last review was just downright rude, and should be ignored! I took my 3 year old this morning for his 3rd Birthday and they let him ride free because under 3's are free. The owners and drivers were extremely friendly.(Perhaps some people need to teach their kids some respect for other people and their property and the owners wouldn't need to be grumpy at said kids) We thought the railway and trains were lovingly cared for and also thought the price was very reasonable compaired with many other attractions. The rides were long enough for a 3 year old, I doubt he'd sit much longer than that. We enjoyed the old train carriages on the property also and did not let our child run inside them or stand on the seats because that's just respectful. For a small child on a small train, the duck pond IS a lake and boulder mountain was a series of mountains of boulders. We loved the agapantha flowers lining the track and all the foilage. The temp is in the high 30's today and the foilage provided adequate shade as well as scenery. The playground could do with a little upgrade but no big deal as it's all about the trains, not the playground. Overall an enjoyable experience for all :)
Cathryn      Posted:    12:59 AM January 15, 2012

I love this place because it has an authentic old rustic feel to it, even the staff looks rustic. I felt like I was in a different era when I was there, like I was taken back 200 years. Everything looked real antique right down to the scruffy looking old train driver with greasy looking uniform who only mumbles and grunts. He looked like someone who had come out of a very, very old comic book. He was tinkering with the engine, walking back and forth near the train and finally taking a seat at the front of the train and blowing the train whistle "Choo! Chooooooo!". Then, off we go! The price is very reasonable, only $4.50 or $6. We often fork out $2 for a 2 minute ride in the kiddy rides in the shopping centres. So, $4.50-$6 is very reasonable because this train ride is so much more longer and so much more exciting. Plus, we parents get to ride too!! It's also for Big Kids! This train ride can go pretty fast and there are no seat belts. So, I would definitely advise parents of small children to go along for the ride as well.
Sam      Posted:    7:03 PM October 18, 2011

My children have been on these rides several times, and absolutely LOVE them. Family atmosphere, and very affordable day out. Great ride on both trains/tracks. Fantastic all around. We travelled from Ballarat (on more than one occasion) to take our kids, and would happily have a birthday party here if we lived closer. Will be visiting again soon!
Trev      Posted:    11:59 AM July 2, 2011

We went last sunday with our 3 year old and he loved it, it was a great afternoon, the staff are the owners and are very friendly. As for the first review, i think there are just some people you cannot make happy, we are now planning his 4th birthday there...
Karen      Posted:    11:56 AM June 1, 2011

We were invited to a birthday party at this venue and found the staff lovely. The rides were excellent, inexpensive and we went on the train rides at least twice. I cannot believe someone not having a good time at such a beautiful place.
Chris      Posted:    6:03 PM April 2, 2011

My grandkids thoroughly enjoyed their rides. The steam engine works quite hard up the hills, so all the sounds are authentic. It is a nice rustic setting, with lots of greenery and trees. Both times we've been the queues were short, and the kids did not get grumpy waiting for their rides. Parental control is required at any site of this type, and I didn't notice that any more was required here than at other similar areas. Thoroughly recommended.

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