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Grants Picnic Ground and Tearoom (Kallista)

Grant's Picnic Ground has a cafe and area where lots of local birds come to be fed. Visitors include sulphur crested cockatoos, crimson rosellas, eastern rosellas and kookaburras.

Opening Hours:

Open 7 days 9am till dusk


Bird seed available from cafe. Cost not known.


Very popular location with overseas visitors who "flock" here to feed the birds. Kids and adults alike enjoy being so close to large numbers of beautiful native birds.

There are now much tighter controls on where, when and how the birds can be fed than in the past.


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70 Monbulk Road,  Kallista 3791, Victoria, Australia. View Map Map opens in new browser window
Map: 75 Ref: K4

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  Reader Feedback  

Dayle      Posted:    10:00 PM April 29, 2017

They are feeding the birds the wrong seed for a start. The seed they are feeding the cockys has black sunflower which is no good for them, to much oil and causes the bird to pluck themselves. They overheat. Thought it was illegal to feed wild birds. What gives them the right???
Val B.      Posted:    7:22 PM March 26, 2017

Agree completely .....who made this stupid rule ......have visited this area for many years with overseas visitors ... Now no feeding unless in "special area"!have written to parks victoria who completely "white washed "the whole thing...even the attitude of rangers to child visitors was not seemed to be "aggressive " ! Unfortunately we cannot now walk the track or have lunch in the cafe as part of "the bird feeding outing"thank you parks Victoria
Judy Sykes      Posted:    5:38 PM January 27, 2017

I agree with all of the above, been going to the reserve for 45yrs but no more. They have completely ruined a lovely family day out
Simone Polster      Posted:    10:15 AM February 4, 2016

Can only agree with everything said above. I have been there many times over the last 12 years with my kids and our visitors from overseas. We are no longer visiting Grants Picnic Ground as they really ruined the atmosphere and nature around it.
Neil      Posted:    8:15 PM November 22, 2015

Ahh yeah, I wish I had read the above before I took the family out here today. Years ago I used to bring youth from care homes so they could escape from the stresses of their day to day lives and relax in this great park feeding the wild birds and taking in the relaxing atmosphere. I was pretty disgusted at what has happened to the place, barricades, fences and signs around telling you what you can and can't do now, especially warning you not to feed the birds outside of their 'pay as you go' tourist trap of a system or get fined. We didn't stay. Sorry birds, but greedy bureaucrats seem to have taken over. Not happy Jan!
Bob      Posted:    5:55 PM June 2, 2015

Absolute waste of time. Used to be amazing with lots of birds and now it's just an overpriced tourist trap with no birds. I wonder where the birds have gone?
Karen      Posted:    7:31 AM April 21, 2013

I first went to this place 17 yrs ago and feel there was nothing more natural than the birds feeling comfortable enough to come and feed from my hands. They sat on shoulders or a head. I have pic with one on my head. The last time I went back they had concreted the road and put a barrier up to stop you going onto grass. It was a disappointing outing for me and my family The tourists sure were enjoying it though Maybe it's the buses scaring birds-disgrace
Jay Moody      Posted:    7:53 PM March 17, 2013

It was a big shock and huge disappointment. We took our 3 year old out there to feed the rosellas and found out the hard way that it was no more! They've turned Grants picnic area into a disgusting tourist trap and the only bird feeding were several snarky cockatoos in an enclosure. Instead, go to Miss Marple's Tea Room for a lovely meal and visit the cool wooden toy store in nearby Sassafras.
Wee Thiem Heng      Posted:    10:29 AM January 10, 2013

I just went to the picnic ground in December and was sorely disappointed. What used to be an exciting and wonderful experience wirh the birds was reduced to a disappointing appearance of a few rosellas and no cockatoos. I have been there several times over the past 25 yrs and I must admit that the population of birds had been growing and in my previous visit (?2007) they came in large numbers and have become rather aggressive.
Glenda Mawson      Posted:    6:04 PM January 1, 2013

Another Money grabbing treat for the tourists!!! What was once a lovely venue to have a picnic and feed the wild birds has turned into another tourist trap. They say it is to 'control' the amount of seeds given to the birds which is a laugh. The feeding area is sterile and fake and full of overseas, non english speaking tourists. We have crossed this icon off our 'to do' treats for our family and friends when they visit us.
Erin Campbell      Posted:    5:57 PM April 10, 2012

The cafe owners are only following regulations set by Parks Victoria. The new bird feeding area was brought about as a Parks initiative to try and moderate the level of feed that the birds were being fed. I spoke with one of the staff members there last week and as far as I can tell, they didn't seem that pleased with the new guidelines themselves. Apparently, Parks Vic were getting progressively getting concerned about the dependence that the birds were getting on hand feeding and also potential diseases that could pass from the birds. I believe the prices went up purely to cover the costs of the new infrastructure and not to 'make a killing' in profits.
Jimmy Chang      Posted:    9:14 PM January 8, 2012

Exploitation! Feeding birds in the Grant's Picnic Ground of Mt Dandenong is banned except paid for it! I haven't been up there for last few years. However, bird feeding was always allowed and free of charge as far as I experienced all along since 20 years ago. Bird feeding seeds were either BYO or available from the kiosk at very reasonable cost. It is a bare fact that a lot of people feed the bird in their back garden or front yard. Furthermore, different types of bird seeds are readily available in the supermarket so people can put it next to the bird bath in their gardens. Then all these will be illegal! Does this mean that the officials turn a blind eye to this or simply negligence? If the kiosk/cafe is allowed to have the exclusive bird feeding right while exploiting the park resources (ranger) and regulation, would this constitute collusion and exploitation?

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