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Luna Park (St Kilda)

Melbourne's Luna Park is a galaxy of amusements and sensations. From the jaw dropping, eye ball popping super thrill rides like the Pharoah's Curse, Metropolis and the Enterprise, to the exhilarating rides like the Spider, Twin Dragon, G force and Shock Drop, you're bound to have an awesome time!

Rides include:

Enterprise - Your mission, should you choose to accept it, begins now. All aboard the enterprise as it hurtles you into orbit. Hardcore thrill riders will be spinning with delight (you need to be 120 cm tall to ride)

Pharaoh's Curse - The ancient Egyptian's performed a miracle when they built the pyramids, their most impressive feat. That was until the "Pharoah's Curse" came along, a thrilling ride that boasts a more impressive miracle- it's the only place in Melbourne where you can see Port Phillip Bay upside down! This vertical looping adventure is for serious riders who don't mind putting their eyeballs back in their sockets and picking their jaws off the ground when its over (you need to be 120 cm tall to ride)

Scenic Railway - The whole family can experience the thrill of the oldest continually operating wooden roller coaster in the world. One of only nine of its kind still operating, The Scenic Railway is a Melbourne icon installed in the Park on its opening in 1912. This world famous roller coaster will not only provide you with heart - stopping dips and turns, you will also experience the most stunning views of Port Phillip Bay St Kilda has to offer (you need to be 100 cm tall to ride alone, under 100 cm must ride with a responsible adult)

The Coney Island Top Drop - The Coney Island Top Drop will have you bouncing 4 stories in the air while offering an amazing view of St Kilda. Just try to keep your focus as you continuously fall from the sky… The Coney Island Top Drop can accommodate a maximum of 12 guests at any one time and operates in a vertical position where the guests are shot upwards to a height of 13 meters before being dropped back down to earth after experiencing a series of bounce and drop sequences.

Spider - The only way to get out of the giant spiders path is to join it! Hop on and be spun about on this fast and fun new adventure, great for the whole family (you need to be 110 cm tall to ride)

Twin Dragon - This family thrill ride is a must for the pirate in everyone- open your eyes if you dare, you'll be taking huge swings above sea level! Not for those who get seasick! (you need to be 110 cm tall to ride)

The Power Surge - Electrify your experience! The Power Surge is the newest permanent thrill ride to hit Luna Park Melbourne and it’s sending shock waves through the lunies. Fly sky high on the spinning, twisting, stomach-churning thrill ride! Can you handle the Power? There’s only one way to find out…

Carousel - Luna Park's centrepiece, the Carousel is known as the "Jewel in the Crown". One look at it and you'll understand why. Visually stunning, its 70 horses and chariots are individually hand painted and intricately decorated in brilliant colours (you need to be 105 cm tall to ride alone)

Sky Rider - Families have been enjoying the SkyRider Ferris Wheel for generations. Witness the sweeping bay and city views from the top of the Ferris Wheel, for a true Melbourne experience (you need to be 120 cm tall to ride)

Ghost Train - You can be sure you'll be left shaking in your boots when the Luna Park ghouls get to work with their special brand of creepiness. If you weren't afraid of the dark before, you are bound to be terrified of it once you've ridden the ghost train! (you need to be 100 cm tall to ride alone)

Silly Serpent - The whole family will love this super-friendly roller coaster, which just cannot be tamed! Hop on and ride the crazy path of the Silly Serpent, you'll love it! (you need to be 100 cm tall to ride alone)

Red Baron - Younger children can get a feel for flying by boarding the cartoon style aeroplanes that soar through the air! (you need to be 120 cm tall to ride)

Arabian Merry - A wonderful ride for younger children, who can ride fantastic flying elephants, and embark on a magical safari adventure! (you need to be 1o0 cm tall to ride)

Street Legal Dodgems - Buckle up, rev those engines and prepare for a street legal, bumptastic ride in our ever popular Street Legal Dodgems! You can ride alone or with a sidekick, but prepare to battle your way around the track – those Dodgem cars can have a mind of their own! Street Legal Dodgem cars can be a bumpy ride, so ensure your seat belt is fastened and you keep all body parts inside the cars during the ride. Each car can take up to 2 guests and the ride itself lasts for 2.5 minutes.

Bumper Bubbles - Bumper Bubbles are a slippery, sliding, bumptastic fun ride! Once you climb inside your giant bubble of air, you can run on water to your hearts content. Bump your way around a giant pool of other bubbles as you slide around without ever getting wet! Bumper Bubbles is perfect for little Lunies looking for some energetic fun.

Birthday Parties
A day at Melbourne's Luna Park is jam packed full of excitement - awesome rides - and great party food in the biggest party venue ever! It is an opportunity to spend a memorable day celebrating with your friends and family - as we cater for the young and young at heart. Our Birthday Party Pack is for anyone!

The Luna Park Birthday Party Pack caters for a minimum of 8 children and includes the following for all children:
  • An Unlimited Rides Pass
  • A Streets Food Pack featuring carnival food and soft drink.
  • A reserved table in the Party Tram at the specified party session time.
  • Enjoyment of the unique carnival atmosphere of Melbourne's only amusement park.
  • The birthday child also receives a Personalised Birthday Card and Luna Park Birthday Badge.

Opening Hours:

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Ticketing Options for rides
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Birthday Parties
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Our strategy of getting up early and beating the people who overly enjoyed their sleep to the rides doesn't work too well at Luna Park since the park doesn't open until 11 am. If it is a busy day, it is highly recommended to buy the tickets online since the queues are much shorter if you have pre-purchased your ticket. Online tickets are valid for twelve months from the date of purchase. If you plan to have more than a couple of rides it is more economic to purchase an unlimited rides ticket since individual ride tickets are comparatively expensive.

One big plus point is the free entry to the park. This means that people who don't want to ride can visit the park for free which is great for grandparents. If Grandpa Joe wants to only have a single ride on the Power Surge, then he could buy a single ticket for the ride.

There was a moderate range of food outlets and prices were reasonable. A big plus is that you can bring your own food and drink which can reduce the total cost. There were plenty of tables provided.

The rides with the highest terror rating for us were Pharaoh's Curse (you are upside down high above the ground and stationary) and Power Surge (some people didn't empty their pockets and keys and a phone were flung past us to the ground during the ride - amazingly the phone still worked afterwards). The most popular ride for us was the Street Legal Dodgems. The cars were quite fast and responsive.

The biggest disappointments were Bumper Bubbles (the queue moved so slowly that the kids gave up after 20 minutes waiting) and the Halo Ride (the screen resolution on the simulated roller coaster ride through space was just too low to be very realistic). The mirror maze was fun but very easy to get out from.

The Scenic Railway is iconic and needs to be done. It wasn't very scary but it was very bumpy on the base of your back (says Dad who is starting to feel his age). The queue for the Scenic Railway was very long but the queue did move quite quickly. On a busy day we queued for about 25 minutes. Overall, if the kids are too old to enjoy the basic kids rides, then they need to be willing to go on most of the scary rides to get some value from the admission price.

You go to a place like Luna Park for fun and excitement and accept there is going to be some waiting in queues. Even though safety has to be priority number one, the ride attendants caused extreme frustration to the customers by very slow and inefficient processes for making sure safety procedures were implemented. For example, the attendants at the Street Legal Dodgems were exasperating. The attendant would straighten all the cars perfectly before letting people get into them. Within three seconds of starting the cars were strewn all over the track anyway. Generally the cars should be pointed in the right direction but they surely do not have to be meticulous about this. Obviously the memo of the week from park management was "Triple check everything very slowly before starting every ride, even very benign ones".

There is no chance of getting on a ride of you are not the correct height - even standing on your toes and straining to reach the required height won't be acceptable.

The attendants displayed a big lack of personality which would have helped to make the day even more fun.

A traditional show bag seems to go with the whole Luna Park experience and it would be cruel for the kids not to take one home. Somehow, in the midst of a sea of $30 show bags, our kids were convinced that a $8.95 Caramello Bear show bag was the best option. A yummy decision by the kids which saved a lot of expense for the day out.

Luna Park is still the premier non water theme park in Victoria if you want amusement rides. It has the old fashioned feel but is manages to add features over time to ensure that it stays popular. We had a fun day but the kids weren't desperate to return immediately.


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Address | Contact

The Esplanade,  St Kilda 3182, Victoria, Australia. View Map Map opens in new browser window
Telephone: (03) 9525 5033
Map: 2P Ref: A9

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