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Dizzy's Castle Indoor Play Centre (Maribyrnong)

Facility includes: Giant three storey medieval play castle, safety trampolines, laser tag, kiddy maze, secure toddler area, five fantasy party rooms.

Opening Hours:

Opening Hours

Birthday Parties
Dizzy's make birthday parties for kid's easy, we look after everything from invitations to food and more. Kids love our themes birthday parties and party rooms. Dizzy's theme party rooms includes Enchanted Forest, Pirate Cove, Royal Court, Disco Dungeon, Witches and everyone's favourite Glow in dark mini golf.
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This play centre is decorated in a castle theme (as you would surely expect from the name). There is a rectangular layout with birthday rooms laid out on one side, a fenced toddlers area opposite, tables in the middle and main play area at the end. The dark golf area is behind a wall at the far end. Along one wall there are video type games which are typically $2 to play.

There is not much parking provided in front of the premises and a tow-away area next door (obviously that business got sick of Play Centre customers parking there).

In general the service seemed slow and there was an element of disorganization e.g. our table didn't have a number on it which caused confusion for delivery of our drinks.

The main structure which is two levels high has dual, very long wave slides, a very steep slide (but still a fair way from a vertical drop), few short but steep tunnel slides, slide into an enclosed ball pit and a surprisingly large number of areas to explore with lots of nooks, crannies, shortish tunnel slides to go up and down, rollers and other soft obstacles. There is an area with five trampolines and a ball pit with rope traverse across it. In the top corner is a fairly simple maze with panels as walls which leads up via a soft ramp to a platform with a slide down. Next to this is a air hockey table and table soccer game (need to pay). There is also an enclosed area with large runner balls. The enclosed toddler area has a jumping castle, little structure with a soft inclined ramp and ladder (with netting walls so kids can't fall off it), padded mats on the floor, ball pit and large soft objects.

Entrance and exit requires the staff to unlock the door which is good for security and piece of mind.

The darklight golf has areas of slightly elevated carpet with golf holes. It is decorated with medieval and other scary images (one kid referred to it as the "scary room"). If you want to stand-out from the crowd then wear some clothes which fluoresce well under ultraviolet light.

The birthday rooms are painted in different themes - some are very dark while others are lighter. There are specials each day during the week e.g. free mini golf on some days. The toilets are OK but the bin was full of paper and there was rubbish on the floor. There is a loyalty card scheme which means you get something for free every second or third paid entry which is a nice touch - paying for two children meant that I received a free coffee on my first visit.

Note: Since this review was done, the glow in the dark mini golf has been replaced by laser tag.


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1 Mephan St,  Maribyrnong 3032, Victoria, Australia. View Map Map opens in new browser window
Telephone: (03) 9318 1110
Map: 27 Ref: K12



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james      Posted:    3:25 PM February 27, 2014

Best value for the birthday parties and very well organised
Louise      Posted:    2:52 PM August 2, 2013

Our last visit was during mid year school holidays, we stayed for hours. My daughter is 3 so we got to use the toddler area with its jumping castle, as well as the main area and trampolines. We live walking distance, so I get a plee to visit once a week. We love the occasional pop in of Dizzy himself, even though he scares us sometimes lol.
Dianna      Posted:    2:39 PM August 2, 2013

We thought it was great value for money, at only $5 entry per child {mid week}, and loads of activities. The adults even took a turn on the giant slides. So much fun.
Martin      Posted:    12:42 PM November 25, 2012

Most expensive play centre I've ever been to, including CBD and Toorak etc. $12 per child, and not that special.
Mechelle McBride      Posted:    8:54 PM June 24, 2012

We took our toddler this afternoon and he loved it. Some great activities. Tables right next to secured area so parents can watch and have a coffee too! Nice and warm on a cold day. Clean. Staff helpful.

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