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A Maze N Things (Cowes)

Come and test your senses of logic and fun at A Maze'N Things. Hours of activities and entertainment awaits everyone, including stimulating puzzles, illusions and memory tests. Come and get lost with us!

The Maze
With over two kilometres of passageways and an average time of 45 minutes, (but we have emergency exits), our maze is a bewildering labyrinth of twisting turns, confusing dead ends and frustrated explorers. Get Lost!

We call our golf the Maxi Mini Golf because it is so big. The course is set on artificial turf with constantly changing landscaping and paving. Some of the holes are surrounded by granite boulders and Australian grasses while others are designed almost like cattle chutes. It will challenge beginners almost as much as experienced golfers. Golfers can check on the scorecard whether they’re up to par or not!

Illusion Rooms
An amazing series of rooms, purpose built to confuse the eye and the mind. Watch as water flows uphill, people fly and houses are being flooded. Get shrunk in our Shrinking Room, confused in our Gravity Room, and even get yoor head chopped off.

Puzzle Island
An interactive world of illusions, puzzles and challenges. Get lost in the Mirror Maze, dizzy in the Rotating Room or fall off our 6.5 metre Look Out! Slide. Designed to involve all ages, we know you will be entertained far beyond expectations.

The fun and excitement continues here! Accept the challenge as you carefully traverse amongst the tree tops in complete safety. Our unique harness system gives you the choice of where and when to go. Explore different elements of swinging bridges, clambering ropes, dangling obstacles and narrow bridges.

Magic Manor
A magic experience based around the Amazing Kerel who was a magician at the height of his powers during the Golden Era of Magic at the beginning of the 1900’s.

Opening Hours:

Open at 10am - 7 days a week.


Admission Prices
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We highly recommend A Maze'N Things because it keeps the kids and their parents entertained for hours for a fair entrance price. You can spend many hours in the Puzzle island, illusions & maze area. There is also a nice playground, BBQ facilities (for Maxi-golfers) and some shops with yummy food. One aspect I really like are the nice little interesting touches such as golf balls embedded in the cafe windows next to the Maxigolf course, clear toilet seats with spiders and barbed wire inside (there is another toilet bowl available for the slightly less brave) and distorting mirrors in the toilets.

If the parents want to have a relaxed coffee, then the kids are free to spend time tackling the puzzles on the tables or playing with the games and toys. The cafe area is stacked with games of different sorts. Unfortunately all of the puzzles on the central tables are very hard to complete and kids (and parents) are likely to get frustrated. This is a perfect opportuntity to bring along eccentric Uncle Dave if he happens to be a member of Mensa.

The Maxigolf course has enough difficulty to keep the older players interested but still allows the younger players a chance of getting the ball in the hole. The whole course is attractive and in very good condition. Make sure you take enough water with you in the Maze because it can take quite a bit of time to get out of the maze, even using the emergency exits! We had to bribe our kids to the end by the promise of an ice-cream.

The mirror maze was great and determining whether some-one was going to be brave enough to go down the 6.5 metre Look Out! slide was a fantastic spectator sport (until it was your turn to come down).

The whole site is bright, cheery and colourful and the staff very helpful and friendly. There is a baby change room and the toilets have a clean, fresh smell.


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Address | Contact

1805 Phillip Island Road,  Cowes 3922, Victoria, Australia. View Map Map opens in new browser window
Telephone: (03) 5952 2283
Map: 932 Ref: B5

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  Reader Feedback  

Katharine S      Posted:    12:33 PM March 29, 2015

I wonder when the original review was written? A lot can change in a few years. I've been a regular visitor to Phillip Island for at least a decade, but have only recently paid a couple of visits as I was put off by the price. Now I have kids I thought I'd go (although it adds substantially to the price), and while it was looking a bit run down, overall it was lots of fun - particularly the illusions, the tilted room, mirror maze, outside maze etc. I think there needs to be an easier way to do an quick exit - in our case it started pouring with rain and it took a while to get out. What about a map, or instructions at adult-height on the walls? I haven't done the mini golf yet as that adds a substantial amount to the cost, and we can do that anywhere. You can still go without paying much, by just going and playing on the playground, watching the people on the climbing thing and mini golf, and have a snack in the cafe and play with the puzzles there.
Elizabeth S.      Posted:    2:58 PM January 13, 2011

We don't highly recommend Amaze'n'Things for families on modest incomes. It's true that when we visited in 2008 our then-five and seven-year old sons loved it, but my husband and I were shocked by the entrance fees. After we'd recovered sufficiently to hand over more than $100 for our family of four, we felt sure it must have to live up to its name. Alas, our first and lasting impression was that the place seemed run-down and a bit grubby. It looked as if it had suffered from under-investment for years and we weren't surprised to find a number of aged attractions labelled out-of-order: they looked like they were either prone to breaking down or had been out-of-order for some time. The mini-golf course kept us amused but was depressingly worn and tatty and we found it a bit miserly that we were not allowed to play more than one round. It took this length of time for the boys to master the course and they were disappointed at not being allowed to continue to play - it wasn't as if Amaze'n'things was crowded with visitors. Now I know why... Our advice? Stick with the penguins (much better value and fantastic experience for all the family) and give this tourist trap a wide berth.

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