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Anakie - Fairy Park

Fairy Park has the following areas:

Fairytale Land: Follow the yellow brick road to find fabled tales collected by legendary European storytellers. Peek into the world of all your favourite Fairytale characters, from Red Riding Hood to Rumplestilzchen. Housed in specially stylised buildings of castles, cottages and caves all set amongst neatly kept gardens, giant boulders and lovely water features. There are over 22 animated hand crafted scenes that will come to life at the push of a button, all with digitised sound and lighting. Witness Cinderella at the Grand Ball, squirt the Frog Prince at his waterfall, see Jack in his beanstalk, join the Teddy Bears at their Picnic and hear the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears among others.

Model Trains: For train buffs, the hilltop Castle incorporates a huge model train set and a Train Museum housing a rare collection of Markilin (guage1) model trains.

Summit views: Nestled beside the extinct volcano of Mt Anakie, the summit of Elephant Rock will delight you with it’s breathtaking 360° panoramic views. On the way down try and spot the native Koalas high up in their favourite old gum trees.

Camelot Playground: Be taken back in time to become a knight, princess, hero or villain for the day. Explore secret passages and tunnel mazes of this medieval playground. Climb daring towers, creep through darkest dungeons, rescue damsels in distress, but beware of Merlin and his magic tricks!

Mystical creatures, a carousel ride, giant slide and things that turn ‘n spin will keep both parents and kids busy for hours. Be totally awestruck by this amazing creation and enjoy Australia's most unique playground.

Birthday Parties
Fairy Park great venue for any sized gathering. Perfect for parties, family get-together's or mothers groups. Simply arrive on the day, pick a suitable area in the picnic grounds, put up a few decorations and away you go! Have the kids dress up in theme for a bit of extra fun.

The picnic grounds are quite large and spread out with a variety of areas available on a non-reserved basis. These include several rotundas’ housing electric BBQ’s with picnic tables dotted around nearby. There is also Ye Old Shelter that sits 80 people, has BBQ’s and is a perfect solution for wet and windy days.

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Our family had a wonderful day in the world of fairy tales, legends, dragons, towering castles and an exciting Medieval playground. The location is not too far from Melbourne which makes it an easy day trip and the entrance cost is very reasonable. It was very difficult to drag the kids away at the end of the day.

There are plenty of shaded tables and BBQs at the bottom of the hill. There are only toilets at the bottom of the hill and so it is best to make a pit stop before venturing up the hill - although it is only a few minutes to get down from the summit.

The Medieval style playground is fantastic and unique. The walls have lots of tunnels, nooks, crannies and paths which makes it great fun to explore. The playground equipment is a combination of some old style playground equipment such as see-saws and some exciting items which really engage the kids. The highlights are a wall with lots of different levels and openings which kids can stick their head out of, a merry-go-round with seats and steering wheels which parents help to spin around, Merlin's Tower which has a warning not to touch but sprays water at you if you do dare to touch the button on the door and various slides including a very long metal slide. There is also a sandpit with digger, stocks and spinning orb with hand-wheel. There is some seating along the side of the playground area which receives some shade from a row of pine trees.

On the sides of the hill are lots of displays where you press a button to hear the fairy story and animate the characters. All the classic fairy stories are displayed. At the top of the hill is a model train museum which is a room with shelves full of model trains plus a huge model train set with trains which move when a button is pressed and pass through mountain tunnels and villages. There are great views from the top of the hill.

There is also a wishing well where our son learnt one of life's lessons - money thrown into a wishing well does not come back (I hope his wish for lots of money so he can buy the whole family presents comes true though!).

There is a kiosk at the bottom and a cafe at the top of the hill. The cafe wasn't too expensive. However the cafe decor needs an overhaul because all the chairs were old and stained and there was a bit of a grotty feel with a lot of food scraps on the floor.

The exhibits themselves were all kept in very good condition and well maintained. Puff the Magic Dragon was even getting a lick of paint when we were there.

Overall - a great location for a family day out at a very reasonable cost.


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2388 Geelong - Ballan Rd,  Anakie 3221, Victoria, Australia. View Map Map opens in new browser window
Telephone: (03) 5284 1262
Map: X911 Ref: D4

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kevin      Posted:    2:20 PM May 19, 2017

I remember going there as a child... like pre 1963 I cant believe its still operating. I'm going there for a bit of a sticky beak this weekend. A bit of nostalgia!

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