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Thomas Street South Reserve Playground, Thomas Street, Hampton

Some would say "this is the mother of all wooden adventure playgrounds in Melbourne". Includes a huge array of levels, cubby holes, walkways (many of which unexpectedly move), slides, flying fox, fireman's pole and monkey bars. Four swings under shade cloth.

BBQ, shaded tables and seats, toilets and water tap. Set amongst lovely native trees and there is a large area to play ball games in. Almost entirely fenced in with the main gate being child proof.


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164 Thomas Street,  Hampton 3188, Victoria, Australia. View Map Map opens in new browser window
Map: 76 Ref: K7

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Paul       Posted:    8:35 AM October 15, 2017

We're so looking forward to meeting our friends and their families at the reserve this morning. I think we are going to have the mother of all picnics, share the mother of all laughs and create the mother of all memories....
David      Posted:    8:00 PM February 8, 2015

Have to do a HUG Plug for the "Pony Power" that attends the park Every Sunday! The guy there was Fantastic! And the Ponies are Gorgeous!! For $10 you get to walk your little one around the park on the back of Beautiful little Ponies! *admin, you might want to clarify whether it's okay to post his details, but I'm sure he'll appreciate the extra notoriety! Barry gave me his business card: Pony Power - Barry 0428 605 331 He has apparently been coming there for about 4 Years! And I think that it is an Absolutely Fantastic opportunity to provide to children, so close to the Suburbia!! He also does Parties!! And mentioned an Excellent hourly rate!! (as far as I'm concerned!) I sincerely can't recommend taking advantage of this enough! If you've got little kids that love Ponies, Get them down here next Sunday!! *8vD
David      Posted:    7:52 PM February 8, 2015

This was a Great Wooden Adventure Playground! Perfect for Off Ground Tiggy, and caters well to All ages, with sections well integrated for Little kids and the Bigger ones, challenging both physical abilities, balance, and basic entertainment values. GREAT all rounder! Fitting description of the 'Mother of Playgrounds'! *8vD
CB      Posted:    7:57 PM January 29, 2015

Margaret and Deborah. It's a sad day when one reads commentary like your on a KIDS PLAYGROUND review sight. Have faith in fellow humans. I'm so grateful to Ian that I can see this review and playground photos prior to taking my kids there. With 2 adventurous pre-schoolers it's given me the insight to the size of the park and considerations of taking another adult with me. Jamie, I agree with you. Maybe we're from the same era when there were plenty of "mother's" in our youth - when Noddy had a Golliwog friend. Margaret - Are you going to speak to the overly famous drink company who named a beverage "Mother" or are you too busy trolling the internet to write inane comments?
Katrine      Posted:    7:13 PM October 17, 2014

Wow, I/We are all looking for a great refuge from our little monsters, oops kids!! I hope by referencing my children to monsters won't cause any politically incorrectness from overly-sensitive parents! If we, parents, can't keep things in perspective or context- what hope does the world have on 'real' issues! C'mon parents we're talking about a park! Not wars, issues of the world, Ebola...we're inferring about a park where our children from all walks of life, differences and similarities aside- can play together!!
Charlotte      Posted:    9:17 AM November 3, 2013

Wow Margaret and others - not everything has to relate to terrorism... I can guarantee you that describing something large as "the mother of all whatevers.." has been around for ALOT longer than Hussein and the international war on terrorism... Seriously, I am totally shocked by these pathetic comments about a harmless description of a park!
Jo      Posted:    11:49 AM May 23, 2013

My kids love this park and all of the little hidden stairs and nooks they can find. They always have fun. The only downside is trying to get them to leave! Oh..... and it would be nice if there was a fence around just the play area as due to the size of the playground you can often lose sight of the kids. My now 7 year old was a wanderer and would often run right to the back of the park and back along the open drain which caused me a few scares. Definitely worth checking out..... but watch those wandering toddlers.
Vesna      Posted:    8:53 PM February 16, 2013

Margaret, for goodness sake. Drama queen. you need to chill out...
Jamie      Posted:    2:06 PM December 22, 2012

Wow Margaret, describing something as "the mother of all .....) does not have to mean war or something bad. It just means something is big, like the park! like a big ice cream. I hope you realise you comments are the mother of all comments here, talk about put a damper on a nice bunch of posts about this fabulous park.
Jessica      Posted:    12:36 PM December 14, 2012

Great reserve for kids - plus even better that there is the lovely little cafe called Thomas St Grocery only a minute walk from the park. great coffee and food is tasty and well priced too.
Nicole      Posted:    5:06 PM October 27, 2012

We have been coming here from Rowville for years. We bring food for a BBQ or picnic - sometimes even buy fish and chips from Hampton Street. The kids love it here. A bottle of wine and a picnic rug - it's a cheap and relaxing day out.. Beats the joke of a playground we have at our local park!
Amanda      Posted:    9:40 AM October 19, 2012

'Mother' meaning biggest. That's all. Lighten up
James      Posted:    5:39 PM September 9, 2012

And who is the lovely man who provides the pony hire. I must get his business details for a private party....
Lan       Posted:    9:11 PM June 9, 2012

Such a fabulous playground where children and adults can explore and create their own little worlds. I remember coming to this park as a child and I just took my 3 children here yesterday! I am still impressed! I'm going to enquire about having one in my town put in place!
Michelle      Posted:    9:58 AM April 13, 2012

Yes, please rewrite the description! This is not amusing or clever.
eno1      Posted:    10:15 AM March 31, 2012

Who cares about the comment, its a great park and I laughed at the comment too! People, take a more light hearted view as there is enough seriousness in the world to sweat the small stuff.
Jen      Posted:    12:29 PM March 18, 2012

Yes I agree that is a strange way to describe a park what on earth does he have to do with it? We love the park at Thomas St however it would be great if everyone picked up their rubbish and if the bins are full take it home because ther is a major problem with rats and mice!
Deborah      Posted:    9:22 AM March 4, 2012

Agreed Margaret, I opened this page and was put off by such a ridiculous description. It should be removed.
shae      Posted:    11:53 AM January 26, 2012

Best park ever!, I remember my mum taking me here as a kid.
Margaret      Posted:    2:56 PM November 16, 2011

I do not understand the relevance of the first sentence of the paragraph describing the Thomas St Reserve playground. If someone could clarify the Saddam Hussein comment that would be great... Admin - It is a play on words from when Saddam Hussein threatened that if international forces led by the United States attacked Iraq, it would be "the mother of all wars"

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